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Ice And Salt Frost Bite Play Video

Ice And Salt Frost Bite

114 months ago 500,630 1

These guys have discovered that if you sprinkle salt on your arm then press...

Man On Fire Scatman Play Video

Man On Fire Scatman

114 months ago 400,508 1

This unsuspecting poor guy is just trying to take a nap when his friends de...

Asteroid Hits Earth Play Video

Asteroid Hits Earth

114 months ago 786,622 9

This is an awesome computer generated simulation of what would happen if a ...

The Discovery Channel Play Video

The Discovery Channel

114 months ago 592,105 736,462

This is dumb but funny. Some smokin chick walks in on her boyfriend while ...

Thanks For The Plug Play Video

Thanks For The Plug

114 months ago 251,836 1

This is pretty funny. Just after a commercial for an anchor rep...

Extreme Base Jumping Play Video

Extreme Base Jumping

114 months ago 275,743 198,343

As it cool as this might be to do its got to take some balls to actually st...

North Korean Missile Test Play Video

North Korean Missile Test

114 months ago 384,421 3

Ok it's not actually a North Korean missile test but from what I've read th...

Fear Factor Revealing Tights Play Video

Fear Factor Revealing Tights

114 months ago 1,358,626 25

Check out this clip from Fear Factor reality stars. Some hot blonde from Am...

720 Dunk Play Video

720 Dunk

114 months ago 1,132,721 20

Correct me if I am wrong but this might be the first 720 dunk ever done dur...

Catch of the Day Play Video

Catch of the Day

114 months ago 816,180 34

Check out the size of the fish these guys caught. Im not sure I would be c...

Another Laughing Baby Play Video

Another Laughing Baby

114 months ago 1,013,839 9

How can you not watch this video and at least smile a little. This is mayb...

Really Funny Maze Scare Play Video

Really Funny Maze Scare

114 months ago 1,068,696 20

Haven't seen a funny scary maze reaction in a while. This guy looks like he...

Bush Drinking Again? Play Video

Bush Drinking Again?

114 months ago 429,189 1

Has Bush started drinking again? President Bush has been sober for several ...

Mans Best Friend Play Video

Mans Best Friend

114 months ago 355,981 3

a href="" Man's Best Friend/a ...

Happy Fourth of July Play Video

Happy Fourth of July

114 months ago 408,408 74,510

The fourth of July isnt just about taking a day off from work, getting drun...

Some Things You Cant Explain Play Video

Some Things You Cant Explain

114 months ago 401,140 2

This is pretty funny. Its some dude having troubles milking a cow. It rem...

Alien Scare Screaming Girl Play Video

Alien Scare Screaming Girl

114 months ago 2,193,858 20

In order to frighten his sister this guy puts a very creepy child's mannequ...

National Security Experiment Play Video

National Security Experiment

114 months ago 581,840 1

An Australian TV performs a simple and hilarious experiment on bridge secur...


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