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Hilarious Ventriloquist Play Video

Hilarious Ventriloquist

114 months ago 457,762 923,875

This is one of those movies that while I watching submitted content I feel ...

Doggy Style Goes Wrong Play Video

Doggy Style Goes Wrong

114 months ago 1,219,572 1,665,690

Doggy had a few too many kibbles and bits before getting busy. He should ha...

Why I Dont Play Rugby Play Video

Why I Dont Play Rugby

114 months ago 568,882 2

This is exactly why I never had any interest in playing Rugby. Warning, not...

Microsoft Support Center Play Video

Microsoft Support Center

114 months ago 504,293 2

I thought this was hilarious. A Microsoft Tech calls a customer back and l...

Kid Hits Face on Rail Play Video

Kid Hits Face on Rail

114 months ago 518,794 3

Watch how hard this poor dude whacks the corner of a rail while falling off...

How Fires Start Play Video

How Fires Start

114 months ago 401,623 692,338

Here's a pretty good illustration of how a small, seemingly harmless fire c...

Really Low Harrier Fly Over Play Video

Really Low Harrier Fly Over

114 months ago 796,342 1

Damn! This guy stands about 25 feet below a harrier after take off. That ha...

Best Shot In New Mexico Play Video

Best Shot In New Mexico

114 months ago 772,766 8

A couple of buddies go hunting in New Mexico for Pronghorns. A Pronghorn c...

Dave Chappelle New Episodes Play Video

Dave Chappelle New Episodes

114 months ago 341,304 3

In case you missed the all new lost episode of Chappelle's show on Sunday n...

Reporter Loses Tooth On Air Play Video

Reporter Loses Tooth On Air

114 months ago 624,782 805,206

During a newscast a reporter loses a tooth and it nearly pops out of his mo...

Worlds Best Ukulele Player Play Video

Worlds Best Ukulele Player

114 months ago 1,419,955 66

This guy has to be the world's best Ukulele player. Watch his rendition of ...

Hiding In Box Prank Play Video

Hiding In Box Prank

114 months ago 396,343 11

These guys are in a prank war with a group of women who work at a nearby of...

Rally Car Hits Tractor Play Video

Rally Car Hits Tractor

114 months ago 667,712 747,121

I guess these rally car guys race just about anywhere. We have seen these ...

What A Beautiful Horse Play Video

What A Beautiful Horse

114 months ago 421,408 4

A host with the Shop at Home channel apparently has trouble telling the dif...


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