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World Record Speed Guitar Play Video

World Record Speed Guitar

98 months ago 703,912 14

Recently this guy set the world record for speed guitar. He's got some seri...

Kitty Vs Laser Play Video

Kitty Vs Laser

98 months ago 282,225 1

I can't tell if this kitty loves or hates the laser pen...

Frisky Dog Let Loose In Park Play Video

Frisky Dog Let Loose In Park

98 months ago 1,326,377 1

A frisky dog is let loose in the park and runs around hitting on all the ch...

Break Gallery CCXIV Play Video

Break Gallery CCXIV

Break Gallery #214! Here comes another batch of the most mind blowing digi ...

Huge Minor League Brawl Play Video

Huge Minor League Brawl

98 months ago 342,572 174

A huge brawl breaks out between the minor leage Peoria Chiefs and Dayton Dr...

Phone Prank on Little Girl Play Video

Phone Prank on Little Girl

98 months ago 690,807 1

This mean dad plays a phone prank on his little girl. It's pretty devious t...

Scooter Jump Failure Nutshot Play Video

Scooter Jump Failure Nutshot

98 months ago 307,058 346

Thankfully they dont make helmets for your groin so this guy will not be br...

Hot Dog Stand Blows Up Play Video

Hot Dog Stand Blows Up

98 months ago 256,211 1

All I want to know is what the hell do they put into hot dogs that when the...


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