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How To Piss Off A Moose Play Video

How To Piss Off A Moose

105 months ago 934,095 47

This guy has a moose walk within 10 feet of him while he has his bow and ar...

Dry Ice Bomb Taped to Helmet Play Video

Dry Ice Bomb Taped to Helmet

105 months ago 2,627,848 4

I would love to have been there when taping a dry ice bomb to a helmet beca...

Little Kids Head Vs Skeeball Play Video

Little Kids Head Vs Skeeball

105 months ago 673,960 6,200,955

The problem with this game is no matter how many skeeballs you successfully...

Biker Uses Face To Slow Down Play Video

Biker Uses Face To Slow Down

105 months ago 327,262 4,904,147

Some dude misses a landing by just a couple inches which sends him face fir...

Exercise Ball To The Face Play Video

Exercise Ball To The Face

105 months ago 619,168 3

This poor unsuspecting kid is minding his own business setting the table fo...

Treadmill Snowboarding Play Video

Treadmill Snowboarding

105 months ago 369,511 1,845,014

With winter right around the corner you gotta start practicing. And when sn...

Very Intense Commercial Play Video

Very Intense Commercial

105 months ago 484,334 4,003,202

I thought this was worthy for the homepage. Its a simple commerical made f...

Taliban Wasp Nest Disrupted Play Video

Taliban Wasp Nest Disrupted

105 months ago 799,473 3

Some soldiers in Afghanistan blow up a road block and inadvertently arouse ...

Best Webcam Break Up Ever Play Video

Best Webcam Break Up Ever

105 months ago 3,947,839 12

If this is how my girlfriend chose to break up with me I would be totally o...

Backyard Wrestler Lands On Head Play Video

Backyard Wrestler Lands On Head

105 months ago 304,330 4,410,602

This wrestler attempts a back flip off a chair and tries to land on his opp...

Amazing Rube Goldberg Play Video

Amazing Rube Goldberg

105 months ago 714,159 2

I am pretty sure this is the longest Rube Goldberg I have ever seen. It li...

Awesome Trick Quarters Shots Play Video

Awesome Trick Quarters Shots

105 months ago 454,202 3

This is not your average quarters skills video, this guy takes it to a whol...

Car Vs Scooter Play Video

Car Vs Scooter

105 months ago 679,076 10

This video demonstrates why color blind people really should stay off scoot...

Thats Using Your Head Play Video

Thats Using Your Head

105 months ago 300,409 1,870,476

This guy gets locked out and attempts to bust down the door using just his ...

Break Gallery CLVI Play Video

Break Gallery CLVI

Break Gallery #156!!! Time again for another ragin round of pics that are b...


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