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One Impressions In Five Minutes Play Video

One Impressions In Five Minutes

111 months ago 1,088,665 2,241,458

This guy does 100 pretty decent impressions in under five minutes. Some of...

Train Nearly Crushes Two Kids Play Video

Train Nearly Crushes Two Kids

111 months ago 710,529 633,532

A group of kids are messing around at a train station. Just as a train app...

Compilation of Bike Stunts Play Video

Compilation of Bike Stunts

111 months ago 959,622 16

Nice little compilation of about a dozen or so motorcycle stunts and of cou...

Break Gallery CXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CXVI

Break Gallery 116! Happy holidays to all. Now sit back and enjoy this colle...

Crane Drops Steam Roller Play Video

Crane Drops Steam Roller

111 months ago 877,031 3,078,794

I'm guessing someone got fired and most likely sued for this. A crane is tr...

Missle Just Misses Tank Play Video

Missle Just Misses Tank

111 months ago 1,128,327 1,892,170

This is some incredible footage of insurgents attempting to blow up a US ta...

Super High Powered Flashlight Play Video

Super High Powered Flashlight

111 months ago 970,229 856,366

I am pretty sure this dude built this super-powered flashlight. But if you...

Christmas Surprise Prank Play Video

Christmas Surprise Prank

111 months ago 1,074,359 2

These guys told their friend that they all chipped in on a big Christmas pr...

Weird Al Interviews KFed Play Video

Weird Al Interviews KFed

111 months ago 650,072 3,835,250

Weird Al sits down with everyone's favorite douchebag Kevin Federline for a...

Saw 4 Spoof Gone Wrong Play Video

Saw 4 Spoof Gone Wrong

111 months ago 1,721,001 4

A couple of guys set out to make a funny spoof of Saw 4 with unwanted resul...

Jet Propelled Bicycle Play Video

Jet Propelled Bicycle

111 months ago 1,712,251 4

This dude gets dual jet engines and attaches them to his bicycle and takes ...

Time To Get Glasses Play Video

Time To Get Glasses

111 months ago 522,770 1,783,893

At least guinea pigs are useful.

Paintball Gun Granny Play Video

Paintball Gun Granny

111 months ago 746,781 382,487

This guy gets his grandma to try out his fully automatic paintball gun and ...

Halo Theme Performed Live Play Video

Halo Theme Performed Live

111 months ago 849,012 4,783,674

The Halo Theme performed by a group of friends in a living room. Their band...

Incredibly Fast Biker Play Video

Incredibly Fast Biker

111 months ago 913,226 2,408,097

This dude is friggin insane. Watch his spedometer as he cruises through tr...


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