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Four Women Steal Laptop Play Video

Four Women Steal Laptop

93 months ago 309,336 12

Four women walk into a computer parts store and look act as if they are sim...

Ugly Arm Break Play Video

Ugly Arm Break

93 months ago 136,989 3

I wonder if skaters one day just say screw it these friggin rails suck and ...

Rally Car Clips Photographer Play Video

Rally Car Clips Photographer

93 months ago 279,034 1

Rally car drivers have trouble avoiding accidents during nice weather. The...

Bird Strikes Fish In Water Play Video

Bird Strikes Fish In Water

93 months ago 333,216 185

Amazing video focusing on a fish underwater and capturing a bird dropping i...

Break Gallery CCLXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXVII

Break Gallery 267 will either change your life entirely, or give you a huge...

Falling Down Full-Court Swish Play Video

Falling Down Full-Court Swish

93 months ago 367,781 22

A high school kid chases after a rebound, manages to grab the ball, and tos...

Man Eats 22 Live Scorpions Play Video

Man Eats 22 Live Scorpions

93 months ago 185,198 3

A Saudi Arabian man chews and swallows a record number of live, desert scor...

Dude Bounces Face Off Tarp Play Video

Dude Bounces Face Off Tarp

93 months ago 173,066 19

If you think this guy wipes out hard you should see what happens when a ban...

How Not To Mug Someone Play Video

How Not To Mug Someone

93 months ago 1,280,219 2

This dude attempts to mug a student and not only ends up getting owned but ...

Slingshot Cannon Prank Play Video

Slingshot Cannon Prank

93 months ago 137,493 4

These guys get their teammate to stand in front of a low-powered slingshot ...


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