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Failed Street Racing Play Video

Failed Street Racing

88 months ago 380,058

Two guys challenge each other to a street race and end up colliding with on...

Twenty Foot Front Flip Play Video

Twenty Foot Front Flip

88 months ago 230,513

I've seen hundreds of front flip wipeouts over the years but this guy not o...

Marblet Puzzle Game Play Video

Marblet Puzzle Game

Great 3-D puzzle game. Use the arrow keys to navigate the marble on these v...

Double Faceplant Off Ramp Play Video

Double Faceplant Off Ramp

88 months ago 154,616

This dude and his girlfriend fall over the handlebars and land face first a...

We Are All Connected Play Video

We Are All Connected

88 months ago 107,669

Although, this is not a typical Break post it is definetly one of the more ...

The Puppy Whisperer Play Video

The Puppy Whisperer

88 months ago 167,421

These newborn puppies are up all night long unless this dude sings to them ...

Skater Escapes Near Death Play Video

Skater Escapes Near Death

88 months ago 269,004

A group of rollerbladers are on the top of a mall jumping on a sun dome unt...

Amazing Oldsmobile Jump	Play Video

Amazing Oldsmobile Jump

88 months ago 308,804

Anybody who's ever seen any old cop show has seen this jump and wanted to p...

Giant Bird Stalks Reporter Play Video

Giant Bird Stalks Reporter

88 months ago 243,314

There's a giant bird on the loose, and they're not covering it? I smell a c...

Top 10 Sexiest NBA Wags Play Video

Top 10 Sexiest NBA Wags

Check out the top ten WAGS to watch out for heading into the year's opening...


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