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Lloyd Christmas - 007 Play Video

Lloyd Christmas - 007

97 months ago 162,021 1

Dumb and Dumber mixed with the trailer for the new Bond move Quantum of Sol...

Big Brother Takes Down Sister Play Video

Big Brother Takes Down Sister

97 months ago 476,134 120

The kid is a punk for taking down his little sister but you got to love his...

Mini Golfer Knockout Play Video

Mini Golfer Knockout

97 months ago 368,160 1,272

This dude smacks his ball hard after missing a putt and it knocks out a chi...

Break Gallery CCXVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCXVIII

Break Picture Gallery #218!!! What a grand day for a gallery, and no joke, ...

Armless Bowler Gets A Strike Play Video

Armless Bowler Gets A Strike

97 months ago 287,911 4

This guy has no arms and only one leg but has managed to learn a technique ...

Bus Makes Unscheduled Stop Play Video

Bus Makes Unscheduled Stop

97 months ago 326,436 248

I dont think that bus driver understands that you dont have to stop right w...

Dog Smarter Than Baby Play Video

Dog Smarter Than Baby

97 months ago 252,339 1

The age old debate of who is smarter dogs or babies has finally been settle...


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