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Roller Coaster Accident Play Video

Roller Coaster Accident

113 months ago 1,267,840 4

This is a clip of a two-seater roller coaster crashing into the roller coas...

Drive By Nerf Shooting Play Video

Drive By Nerf Shooting

113 months ago 616,043 1

A couple of teenagers drive around the block and shoot their little brother...

Elevator Scare Prank Play Video

Elevator Scare Prank

113 months ago 929,852 3

Some dude gets into a crowded elevator and then screams just as the doors a...

Shadow Girl Play Video

Shadow Girl

113 months ago 709,284 3

This was pretty impressive and original. A girl dressed in black acts as a...

Friendly Kick To The Face Play Video

Friendly Kick To The Face

113 months ago 728,161 1,132,102

A couple of guys are messing around in a hotel room. One of them attempts ...

Failed Trick Dunk Play Video

Failed Trick Dunk

113 months ago 544,087 2

Three guys try and perform a trick dunk. The last guy nearly pulls it off ...

Perfect One-Half Backflip Play Video

Perfect One-Half Backflip

113 months ago 739,491 1,397,324

If thier was one move that I would have to bet our members could perform be...

Billy Beat Box Play Video

Billy Beat Box

113 months ago 360,179 75,501

This guy uses some video editing a sounds of a few different items to creat...

Flash Animations Fight Back Play Video

Flash Animations Fight Back

113 months ago 607,767 2

As a guy is creating a flash video the animations come to life and take ove...

Balancing Point In Reverse Play Video

Balancing Point In Reverse

113 months ago 547,470 11

This a pretty awesome movie made entirely in reverse. This must have taken ...

Friends Fake Head on Collision Play Video

Friends Fake Head on Collision

113 months ago 773,592 944,162

Some dude has too much and ends up crashing in the back of his friends car....

Kid Runs Through Wet Concrete Play Video

Kid Runs Through Wet Concrete

113 months ago 649,932 158,761

Just as a crew of guys are about to finish up their sidewalk some dude runs...

Landmark Tower Demolition Play Video

Landmark Tower Demolition

113 months ago 343,541 5

This is a video of the Landmark Tower being demolished in Fort Worth Texas....

EHarmony Minor Matchmaker Play Video

EHarmony Minor Matchmaker

113 months ago 175,551 762,107

So you've scoured Myspace for the special someone but still come up empty? ...

Large Truck Vs Pole Play Video

Large Truck Vs Pole

113 months ago 643,984 3

These guys test out the strength of a steel pole by crashing a truck into i...

Reuters Photos Faked Play Video

Reuters Photos Faked

113 months ago 329,711 11

On August 7th Reuters withdrew over 900 photos purchased from a freelance L...


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