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Cutting Down A Tree Branch Play Video

Cutting Down A Tree Branch

112 months ago 408,238 32

This guy is such a great friend. He decided to sacrifice his Saturday after...

Id Rather Be Armless Play Video

Id Rather Be Armless

112 months ago 2,195,138 11

I would do the same thing in this situation. It doesn't matter how hot the ...

Rescue Attempt Nearly Fails Play Video

Rescue Attempt Nearly Fails

112 months ago 257,618 116,925

Some chick drives off the road and lands in a river. A group of people att...

The Show Must Go On Play Video

The Show Must Go On

112 months ago 543,840 13,732

During an on stage live performance a background dancer has a seizure. Non...

The High Jump Play Video

The High Jump

112 months ago 422,252 155,714

This is well done. For those that remember the old Matrix ping pong video ...

Softball Hits Girl On Head Play Video

Softball Hits Girl On Head

112 months ago 704,463 2

Man this girl has some bad luck. First she gets pegged hard in the head as ...

Lemonade Stand Prank Play Video

Lemonade Stand Prank

112 months ago 452,249 5,327,374

Ha ha this is great, these kids set up a lemonade stand and as their custom...

The Cheap Seats Play Video

The Cheap Seats

112 months ago 365,242 116,650

A bunch of guys save a couple bucks and decide to sit on top of a warehouse...

A Real Head Turner Play Video

A Real Head Turner

112 months ago 414,042 3

This almost hurts to watch. This guy is double jointed in his neck and can...

Funny Answer on Family Feud Play Video

Funny Answer on Family Feud

112 months ago 596,666 9

This was pretty funny. This chick gives a stupid answer to a question and ...

Red Neck BMW Road Rage Play Video

Red Neck BMW Road Rage

112 months ago 1,431,476 29

A couple of Canadian red necks get into some road rage with a rich guy in a...

Biker Crashes Into Buddy Play Video

Biker Crashes Into Buddy

112 months ago 569,119 3,295,336

Watch how hard this guy hits his buddy while trying to do a wheelie on his ...

Skier Misses Seventy Foot Jump Play Video

Skier Misses Seventy Foot Jump

112 months ago 574,221 344,315

A skier attempts a seventy foot jump but overshoots the landing and breaks ...

Dissapointment Play Video


112 months ago 288,373 323,974

Well, I didnt need to see the end of this but it is a funny clip.

Curve of Death Play Video

Curve of Death

112 months ago 564,099 1,012,491

A group of bikers are racing close together when one of them loses control ...

Ben Thatcher Vs Pedro Mendes Play Video

Ben Thatcher Vs Pedro Mendes

112 months ago 492,665 5

Ben Thatcher of Manchester City FC in the English Premiership totally ignor...

Ghost Rider Gets Car Stolen Play Video

Ghost Rider Gets Car Stolen

112 months ago 744,663 11

Some dude is having his buddy taping him ghost riding his car in his neighb...

Back Flip Back Fire Play Video

Back Flip Back Fire

112 months ago 519,896 655,894

I dont know where this is but it appears to be some sort of Gymnastics even...

Wakeskate Wipe Out Play Video

Wakeskate Wipe Out

112 months ago 459,662 218,647

I hear wakeskating is the hardest of the wake water sports. What are the od...


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