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Girl Stacks Off Bed Play Video

Girl Stacks Off Bed

112 months ago 481,853 235,609

Two girls dancing on a bed to the spice girls. The girl on the left is real...

Kung Fu Baby Play Video

Kung Fu Baby

112 months ago 833,840 39

He may be a baby but he's also a master kung fu martial artist. Get him his...

Jerry Springer Campaign Ad Play Video

Jerry Springer Campaign Ad

112 months ago 269,404 3

Jerry Springer admits to sleeping with a prostitue in this 1980 campaign ad...

Biker Hits Brick Wall Play Video

Biker Hits Brick Wall

112 months ago 729,794 2

This guy is having his buddy tape him while out on his first ride on a new ...

Slip And Slide Take Off Play Video

Slip And Slide Take Off

112 months ago 658,224 1

Man this guy gets some serious air off a slip and slide. This looks like so...

Looking For A Happy Home Play Video

Looking For A Happy Home

112 months ago 785,109 8

This cat is looking for a home but I dont think he has the sales pitch down...

Worlds Worst Criminal Play Video

Worlds Worst Criminal

112 months ago 631,290 1

Some dude tries to hold up a store but nobody cares to pay attention to him...

Burger King 911 Call Play Video

Burger King 911 Call

112 months ago 837,468 9

What do you do if the drive through at burger king is closed temporarily fo...

Send Me A Fat Hero Play Video

Send Me A Fat Hero

I'm so tired of these cliche super heroes like batman and spiderman with th...

Car Jump Face Plant Play Video

Car Jump Face Plant

112 months ago 784,824 11

This guy learns the hard way that even though a car is really small you sti...

Large Crane Falls off Bridge Play Video

Large Crane Falls off Bridge

112 months ago 696,361 2

A large crane attempts to pull a bus out of the water. The weight is too m...

DDR Champion Collapses Play Video

DDR Champion Collapses

112 months ago 515,604 444,692

Ever seen those marathon runners collapse as they cross the finish line of ...

How To Lose Your Job Play Video

How To Lose Your Job

112 months ago 685,744 12

A lady calls 911 and complains she is unable to handle her daughter who is ...

After School Cat Fight Play Video

After School Cat Fight

112 months ago 2,845,791 7

The girl in black is upset at the other girl for allegedly hooking up with ...

Hot Chick Cool Trick Play Video

Hot Chick Cool Trick

112 months ago 2,587,856 8

Some college kid gets his girlfriend to help him make a bunch of cool quart...

Rough Golf Shot Play Video

Rough Golf Shot

112 months ago 656,647 311,579

This guy wipes out and falls into a pool after trying to hit a golf ball in...


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