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Indian Baby Tossing Ritual Play Video

Indian Baby Tossing Ritual

100 months ago 199,908 1

Apparently tossing a baby off a 5 story building is good luck in India, it'...

Kid Scares His Aunt Play Video

Kid Scares His Aunt

100 months ago 568,897 3,984

This kid wants to teach his aunt that she should lock her doors by putting ...

Hard Faceplant Into Goal Post Play Video

Hard Faceplant Into Goal Post

100 months ago 305,585 4

This guy follows up a blocked shot on goal and ends up hitting the goal pos...

Hot Chick Pranks Dad Play Video

Hot Chick Pranks Dad

100 months ago 888,712 5

Some chick fakes at the dinner table that she is choking on her dinner. No...

Break Gallery CLXXXVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXXVIII

Break Gallery #188!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of pics pics pics. Whe...

Awesome Ways to Grocery Shop Play Video

Awesome Ways to Grocery Shop

100 months ago 843,221 19

Who said buying the groceries needs to be lame. Here's how to impress the c...

Grand Theft Auto 7 Year Old Play Video

Grand Theft Auto 7 Year Old

100 months ago 506,912 4

Meet Latarian Milton, a 7-year-old South Florida boy who faces grand theft ...

Beer Goggles Play Video

Beer Goggles

100 months ago 1,044,791 1

Check out this ...

Girl Gets Stuck In Her Dress Play Video

Girl Gets Stuck In Her Dress

100 months ago 1,385,562 2

Ladies if this ever happens to you please feel free to contact me directly ...

Incredible Lemans Crash Play Video

Incredible Lemans Crash

100 months ago 339,183 304

This has got to be hands down the most incredible one car crash I have ever...

Too Much Information Play Video

Too Much Information

100 months ago 237,465 563

Have you ever worked with someone who gives out a little too much informati...


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