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Fat Kid Dances La Fiesta Play Video

Fat Kid Dances La Fiesta

104 months ago 323,590 3

Poor little fat kid dancing some awful dance called La Fiesta. Shockingly h...

Amazing Base Jump Play Video

Amazing Base Jump

104 months ago 559,785 1

These guys jump off a mountain with wingsuits and fly downward just a few f...

Creepy Double Jointed Dude Play Video

Creepy Double Jointed Dude

104 months ago 276,156 122

With the whole mask and this incredible flexibility I got to admit this guy...

Roommate Caught In The Act Play Video

Roommate Caught In The Act

104 months ago 889,369 980

This prank has been beaten to death but this guy reaction is pretty funny. ...

Coming Soon - Hot Crush Play Video

Coming Soon - Hot Crush

104 months ago 278,904 10

Meet Jennifer and Austin, the stars of Breaks first original series Hot Cru...

Firecracker Apple Nut Shot Play Video

Firecracker Apple Nut Shot

104 months ago 218,065 4,882,260

This guy hollows out a small hole in an apple, stuffs a black cat firecrack...

45 Foot Back Flop Play Video

45 Foot Back Flop

104 months ago 310,749 8

This kid climbs a 45 foot high dam control tower and then does a back flop ...

Robocop Fights Neo Play Video

Robocop Fights Neo

104 months ago 292,330 3

This is an awesome edit job that flawlessly pits Robocop and Neo in a massi...

How To Make A Homemade Toy Play Video

How To Make A Homemade Toy

104 months ago 1,922,053 9

I think after this video the price of hand towels and plastic gloves is goi...


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