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Biker Scares Away Protesters Play Video

Biker Scares Away Protesters

92 months ago 181,495 10

In Brazil, protestors try to attack a biker, but he manages to diffuse the ...

Best Prom Date Entrance Ever Play Video

Best Prom Date Entrance Ever

92 months ago 331,791 40

A prom queen descending a staircase is a very memorable moment, and this gi...

Benching 315lbs The Easy Way Play Video

Benching 315lbs The Easy Way

92 months ago 237,193 10

It's notoriously hard to bench press twice your body weight. As this guy fi...

Break Gallery CCLXXX Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXX

Break Gallery 280 is guaranteed to entertain you in the same way that looki...

The Triple Threat Prank Play Video

The Triple Threat Prank

92 months ago 412,458 46

Fifty crickets, a couple stacks of pennies, and an exercise ball are all yo...

What is Rocket Science? Play Video

What is Rocket Science?

92 months ago 502,671 23

A dumb blonde chick gets skewered by Judge Judy after she pushes a friend i...

Break Gallery CCLXXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXIX

Break Gallery 279 is everything you've come to expect from a Break Gallery:...


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