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17 Years In 2 Minutes Play Video

17 Years In 2 Minutes

96 months ago 580,145 1

This guy took a picture of himself every day for the last 17 years and then...

BMX Kids Get Into Funny Crash Play Video

BMX Kids Get Into Funny Crash

96 months ago 289,934 8

The very first jump on the course is a little too tough for these kids, exc...

Break Gallery CCXXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCXXVII

Break Gallery 227! Get ready to have your mind pictures! Enjoy, ...

New Employee Plaster Prank Play Video

New Employee Plaster Prank

96 months ago 300,361 1

This new employee attempts to prove his strength but instead proves his stu...

Cheap Shot Play Video

Cheap Shot

96 months ago 588,671 173

This kid is really pissed off that someone stole his plant so he tries to s...

Woman Nearly Crushed by Gate Play Video

Woman Nearly Crushed by Gate

96 months ago 417,107 113

As the gate closes, this woman tries to pull an Indiana Jones by dropping a...


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