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Grandpa Ruins Christmas Play Video

Grandpa Ruins Christmas

86 months ago 247,699

The problem with people like this is you never know what they are really th...

Russian Guy Cant Drift ATV Play Video

Russian Guy Cant Drift ATV

86 months ago 173,106

In Soviet Russia, ATV painfully barrel rolls you! Also, the ATV is state pr...

Did You Know: Social Media Play Video

Did You Know: Social Media

86 months ago 98,265

If their is one thing you learn from this video hopefully it's not to call ...

Puppy Hates Snow Play Video

Puppy Hates Snow

86 months ago 953,307

This puppy needs to go outside but can't stand to be in the snow.

Lazy Freaking Cat Play Video

Lazy Freaking Cat

86 months ago 385,753

This cat must be coming off one of those nights. You should have seen the u...


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