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Fire Cracker Bike Scare Play Video

Fire Cracker Bike Scare

111 months ago 871,273 826,476

This kid on a bike doesnt notice when his friend sneeks up behind him and d...

Biking Off The Pong Table Play Video

Biking Off The Pong Table

111 months ago 392,402 243,429

How many beers do you have to drink before this becomes a really good idea?...

Break NSFW Gallery XIII Play Video

Break NSFW Gallery XIII

Break NSFW Gallery 13!!! We know, we dropped the ball for a bit there but w...

Treadmill Towing Owned Play Video

Treadmill Towing Owned

111 months ago 717,071 488,538

Who would have thought that being towed by a car on an old treadmill would ...

Soccer Fans Beat Up Ref Play Video

Soccer Fans Beat Up Ref

111 months ago 654,981 73,151

A bunch of soccer fans unhappy with some calls decide to jump the ref at mi...

Sleeping Soldier Prank Play Video

Sleeping Soldier Prank

This rookie marine was sleeping while we were on standby so we tricked him ...

Old Bag Vs Old Bag Play Video

Old Bag Vs Old Bag

111 months ago 708,970 2

A couple of old bags beat each other with a couple of old bags. No my grand...

Push Cops In The River Play Video

Push Cops In The River

111 months ago 875,815 1

At a music festival in England this drunk guy gets dared to push the cops i...

Milk Its Good Play Video

Milk Its Good

111 months ago 345,463 798,538

Dont you hate it when your girlfriend can't figure out whether or not the m...

Caller Hits On Host Play Video

Caller Hits On Host

111 months ago 1,705,304 4

A dude calls in a phone-in game show and tries to pick up the host. Funny ...

Camera Man Take Out Play Video

Camera Man Take Out

111 months ago 314,698 1

The problem with being a camera man is that you need to be in the line of f...

Bad Idea Worse Landing Play Video

Bad Idea Worse Landing

111 months ago 567,007 436,006

This Jackie Chan wannabe decides hes going to jump from one high perch onto...

Indian Thriller Play Video

Indian Thriller

111 months ago 609,219 6

I dont know where all these weird Indian movie clips are coming from lately...

Water Balloon Slingshot Play Video

Water Balloon Slingshot

111 months ago 518,836 157,489

This dude gets hit by a water ballon launched from a slingshot less then 35...

Dont Kiss Sharks Play Video

Dont Kiss Sharks

111 months ago 645,026 2,696,024

While scuba diving some dude felt a little too comfortable with sharks swim...


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