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Stair Cycling Fail Play Video

Stair Cycling Fail 48 months ago

Not sure what was more painful for this guy landing head first or listening...

Watermelon Card Trick Fail Play Video

Watermelon Card Trick Fail 48 months ago

This dude sets up his buddy to hold a watermelon then flings a card and str...

Trainer Can't Mount Elephant Play Video

Trainer Can't Mount Elephant 48 months ago

This trainer appears to be having a difficult time mounting an elephant. Th...

25 Pokemon Cosplay Pics Play Video

25 Pokemon Cosplay Pics 48 months ago

If a girl is willing to let you photograph her Pikachu, you know she's a ke...

Javelin Rocket Launcher Fail Play Video

Javelin Rocket Launcher Fail 48 months ago

These soldiers launch an anti-tank rocket all of five feet. You know you're...