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Funny British Bloopers Play Video

Funny British Bloopers

111 months ago 216,618 1

This is a great compilation of about half a dozen funny bloopers from Briti...

Ultra Accurate Archery Play Video

Ultra Accurate Archery

111 months ago 376,499 1

Even though this is an archery clip and I cant understand anything there sa...

With The Stars! Week Two Play Video

With The Stars! Week Two

111 months ago 89,195 3

After last week's awesome appearance by Fred Savage which celebs will make ...

So Smooth Play Video

So Smooth

111 months ago 407,906 517,710

Barats and Bereta compete for a girl by seeing who has the smoothest line. ...

Caseys Motto For Life Play Video

Caseys Motto For Life

111 months ago 302,499 319,443

Listen to what Casey's Motto is during the reading of his bio during H.S. H...

Too Cheap For A Wax Job Play Video

Too Cheap For A Wax Job

111 months ago 492,840 3,610,597

This guy has found a cheap way to remove pesky body hair so you dont have t...

Toddler Climbs Refrigerator Play Video

Toddler Climbs Refrigerator

111 months ago 377,561 4

This is a cute. A toddler probably no more than 4 years old climbs up the ...

Mountain Dews Baby Play Video

Mountain Dews Baby

111 months ago 425,000 68

Funny response from Shawn White after stating he was served drinks on the p...

Fair and Balanced Play Video

Fair and Balanced

111 months ago 540,988 139,275

This clip has been getting a lot of press today. Senator Boxer slams the F...

Seemed Like a Good Idea Play Video

Seemed Like a Good Idea

111 months ago 599,865 863,521

Skier decides it would be a great idea to try to ski backwards off the jump...

Dropkick Nascar Fight Play Video

Dropkick Nascar Fight

111 months ago 524,084 730,835

Michael Simko attacks Don St.Denis at the Glass City 200 with a flying drop...

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Play Video

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

111 months ago 608,538 1,300,245

Full auto Glock and MP-5 blast 35 rounds each.With bonus 25 rounds out of a...

Drunk Table Flip Play Video

Drunk Table Flip

111 months ago 485,979 1,254,356

This guy came home to his dorm drunk one night, after passing out and getti...

Firefighters Save Womans Life Play Video

Firefighters Save Womans Life

111 months ago 377,632 2

A city has a flash flood and one of the streets is about 5 feet under water...

Bad Model Rocket Launch Play Video

Bad Model Rocket Launch

111 months ago 748,176 3

A bunch of guys attempt to launch a model rocket. Not sure the launch coul...

Little Superstar Play Video

Little Superstar

111 months ago 1,694,091 134

This Little Superstar has mad dancing skills!

Turtle Lovin Play Video

Turtle Lovin

111 months ago 422,825 4

I dont know why I always find this funny. But here yet again are two turtl...

Kid Wipes Out Face First Play Video

Kid Wipes Out Face First

111 months ago 559,440 536,157

This kid wipes out so hard after a jump that he literally breaks the concre...


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