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Chick Breaks Jaw On Rail Play Video

Chick Breaks Jaw On Rail

93 months ago 184,204 1

This chick is trying to jump onto a rail while snowboarding but ends up bre...

Pogo Stick Vs Treadmill Play Video

Pogo Stick Vs Treadmill

93 months ago 282,100 38

This dude is convinced that since a pogo stick doesn't touch the ground for...

A True American Hero Play Video

A True American Hero

93 months ago 325,920 2

This dude is helping keep a car in place during a competition burnout but s...

Japanese Human Slip-n-Slide Play Video

Japanese Human Slip-n-Slide

93 months ago 2,144,740 75

The Japanese come up with the most hilarious game shows. This time they dre...

Terrible Towing Failure Play Video

Terrible Towing Failure

93 months ago 740,271 53

There was nothing wrong with this car's rear axle when he first started tow...

Rough Way to End Your Night Play Video

Rough Way to End Your Night

93 months ago 1,515,325 10

Puking is bad enough, but falling over the trash can this badly just adds i...

How To Fail A Job Interview Play Video

How To Fail A Job Interview

93 months ago 230,061 4

This dude reminds me of a guy I had to interview a few years ago. I asked ...

Dog Steals Lit Firework Play Video

Dog Steals Lit Firework

94 months ago 256,643 1

Some dude lights a huge firework and as he backs away from it his dog decid...


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