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Chopsticks Showoff Owned Play Video

Chopsticks Showoff Owned

98 months ago 486,688 118

Like the scene in the Tom Hanks movie Big this kid is playing Chopsticks on...

Least Manly Scream Ever Play Video

Least Manly Scream Ever

This bungee jumper has just about the least manly scream ever. I would be a...

Motorbike Stunts Play Video

Motorbike Stunts

98 months ago 590,255 4

I say, these are indeed some poorly executed motorbike stunts. This execut...

Awesome Flying Boat Play Video

Awesome Flying Boat

98 months ago 392,419 934

This looks like the coolest invention ever. I want to go everywhere in one ...

Huge Pool Jump Play Video

Huge Pool Jump

98 months ago 881,166 5

Some kid jumps from the top floor balcony into a pool that is only 3 feet d...

Break Gallery CCVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCVIII

Break Gallery #208!!! Happy Hangover Day everyone... Here's a little cure f...

Try Not To Laugh Challenge Play Video

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

98 months ago 2,842,551 1

Challenge yourself and try not to laugh or smile during this entire four mi...

How Not To Fake A Heart Attack Play Video

How Not To Fake A Heart Attack

98 months ago 1,468,565 1,170

If your going to pick some kinda of sudden sickness to fake your way out of...

America Rules England Sucks Play Video

America Rules England Sucks

98 months ago 965,002 1

Take a moment to remember that America rules and England sucks. If you lik...

Croatian Woman Beat Up On TV Play Video

Croatian Woman Beat Up On TV

98 months ago 559,851 210

A Croatian woman goes on TV to condemn gay marriage bit forgets to first ch...

Break Gallery CCVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCVII

Break Gallery #207!!! Time to get a little fired up for this rocking weeken...


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