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Camera Man Take Out Play Video

Camera Man Take Out

111 months ago 314,698 1

The problem with being a camera man is that you need to be in the line of f...

Bad Idea Worse Landing Play Video

Bad Idea Worse Landing

111 months ago 567,006 436,006

This Jackie Chan wannabe decides hes going to jump from one high perch onto...

Indian Thriller Play Video

Indian Thriller

111 months ago 609,215 6

I dont know where all these weird Indian movie clips are coming from lately...

Water Balloon Slingshot Play Video

Water Balloon Slingshot

111 months ago 518,836 157,489

This dude gets hit by a water ballon launched from a slingshot less then 35...

Dont Kiss Sharks Play Video

Dont Kiss Sharks

111 months ago 645,026 2,696,024

While scuba diving some dude felt a little too comfortable with sharks swim...

Knife In Cup Magic Accident Play Video

Knife In Cup Magic Accident

111 months ago 999,357 1

What happens when the knife in the paper bag magic trick goes wrong? Oh the...

Nobodys Watching 24 Play Video

Nobodys Watching 24

111 months ago 212,450 184,006

These dudes have wayyyyyy too much time on their hands.

Unlucky Pool Shot Play Video

Unlucky Pool Shot

111 months ago 1,190,072 6,489,063

Watch this unlucky shot. This is a professional tournament and this final ...

A Drug Addicts Christmas Play Video

A Drug Addicts Christmas

111 months ago 414,842 2,258,827

This is funny. A family struggles on what to buy a drug addict for Christm...

F-117 Stealth Model Crashes Play Video

F-117 Stealth Model Crashes

111 months ago 538,002 1,793,804

Here we have a Remote Control F-117 Steath Fighter Jet worth around $30,000...

Skating Down The Slide Play Video

Skating Down The Slide

111 months ago 315,367 55,353

Skateboarding and sliding are both very fun activities. I wonder if the com...

The Strikeout Play Video

The Strikeout

111 months ago 680,664 1,503,347

The Strikeout is when you take a bong rip, drink a shot and pound a beer al...

Jump Off Bridge From Car Play Video

Jump Off Bridge From Car

111 months ago 719,419 1,755,374

What do Rhoads scholars do in their free time? I dont think they jump off b...

Cop Caught In War Zone Play Video

Cop Caught In War Zone

111 months ago 951,713 1

A cop pulls over a suspicious vehicle and ends up taking hundreds of rounds...

Little Dancing Dude Fight Scene Play Video

Little Dancing Dude Fight Scene

111 months ago 514,872 1,152,997

The little Indian dancing dude has a fight scene later in that epid movie. ...

Waiter Takes A Dive Play Video

Waiter Takes A Dive

As guests are arriving for dinner this waiter takes a dive down the stairs ...

Singer Chokes On Mic Play Video

Singer Chokes On Mic

111 months ago 508,957 1,132,022

A wedding singer belts out a tune on the dance floor when out of nowhere a ...


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