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Sliding Faceplant Off Swing Play Video

Sliding Faceplant Off Swing

85 months ago 129,948

This kid gets his buddies to watch him do a backflip off a swing but at the...

Trampoline Jump Out Window Play Video

Trampoline Jump Out Window

85 months ago 426,616

This dumb kid jumps out a second story window bounces off a trampoline and ...

Double Snowmobile Fail Play Video

Double Snowmobile Fail

85 months ago 189,767

Not only does this dude wipe out hard on the jump but as he gets up to brus...

Backflip Off School Desk Play Video

Backflip Off School Desk

85 months ago 175,680

The lesson for today is the importance of that final quarter turn in a back...

Chick Fails Jumping Creek Play Video

Chick Fails Jumping Creek

85 months ago 143,429

This chick tries to jump a creek but ends up bouncing her face off the side...


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