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Dizzy Kid Faceplants Hard Play Video

Dizzy Kid Faceplants Hard 71 months ago

After drinking a bunch of beers this guys spins on a bat ten times then tri...

Best Buy Dance Off Play Video

Best Buy Dance Off 71 months ago

A bunch of girls test out a car stereo at Best Buy and the goofy salesman j...

Dog Stunt Play Video

Dog Stunt 71 months ago

These guys build a campfire and this jumping dog can't keep from jumping ov...

Kid Falls Off Zip Line Play Video

Kid Falls Off Zip Line 71 months ago

A kid takes a ride on a zip line but brushes up against some branches on a ...

Saudi Woman Vs Treadmill Play Video

Saudi Woman Vs Treadmill 72 months ago

Maybe getting on the treadmill in a full burqa wasn't such a good idea.