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Airplane Knocks Over Truck Play Video

Airplane Knocks Over Truck

102 months ago 338,145 10

Shortly after landing this South African pilot knocks over a large box truc...

Chick Plows Into Gas Station Play Video

Chick Plows Into Gas Station

102 months ago 281,954 1

Early in the morning a chick goes flying full speed into a gas pump. Someh...

Name This Song Play Video

Name This Song

102 months ago 418,698 271

This is a very impressive video. Try and name the song this guy is singing...

Break Gallery CLXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CLXIX

Break Gallery #169!!! Another fine helping of the coolest pics the internet...

New Nasa Jet Engine Play Video

New Nasa Jet Engine

102 months ago 346,264 1

This is the new butane-propelled rocket engine NASA is going to use for the...

Merry Fckin Christmas Play Video

Merry Fckin Christmas

102 months ago 269,542 107

This guy gives his cousin a very special Christmas present: A broken nose b...

Basketball To The Face Play Video

Basketball To The Face

102 months ago 296,098 104

Some guy gets absolutely drilled in the face with a basketball. Thats gonna...

Baby Gives The Evil Eye Play Video

Baby Gives The Evil Eye

102 months ago 1,335,092 191

A cute little baby enjoying an ice cream cone can give the evil eye on comm...

Kid gets hit with ball Play Video

Kid gets hit with ball

102 months ago 378,435 2

Little kid gets hit in the head with a big red rubber ball. Check out the w...

Another Roundabout Wipeout Play Video

Another Roundabout Wipeout

102 months ago 240,446 1

Alright, this guy does go flying off the roundabout but I got to say those ...

Dairy Queen Hero Play Video

Dairy Queen Hero

102 months ago 241,088 42

The details in this video have been exaggerated. The truth of the story is...

Slingshot Santa Play Video

Slingshot Santa

Classic Christmas game. Use the mouse button to get the catapult moving and...

Hilarious Wii Accident Play Video

Hilarious Wii Accident

102 months ago 683,858 2

Want to know how to ruin Christmas with one quick swing of the wii baseball...


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