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Really Bad Stage Entrance Play Video

Really Bad Stage Entrance

97 months ago 281,405 2

Some moron actor in a local play tries to make a grand stage entrance to am...

Snake Strikes At Cameraman Play Video

Snake Strikes At Cameraman

97 months ago 273,709 4

This dude learns the hard way that snakes are not big fans of being filmed.

Bike Jump Disaster Play Video

Bike Jump Disaster

97 months ago 281,139 139

This dude just doesn't get the speed to clear his jump and ends up slamming...

Foosball Nutshot Play Video

Foosball Nutshot

97 months ago 208,455 71

This guy was up 9-4 in the championship foosball game when his opponent tak...

Sexy Optical Illusion Play Video

Sexy Optical Illusion

97 months ago 1,017,726 3

Stare at the X in the center of the model's stomach. I promise this is not ...

Wii Fit Parody Play Video

Wii Fit Parody

97 months ago 215,990 1

These guys did a pretty funny parody on the new Wii Fit game.

Dude Fails At Keg Stand Play Video

Dude Fails At Keg Stand

97 months ago 456,991 340

I'll give this guy some credit. He was actually pretty impressive right up...

CSI: Scooby Doo Play Video

CSI: Scooby Doo

Jinkies! is actually highly official police terminology.

Extreme Catapulting Play Video

Extreme Catapulting

97 months ago 500,934 4

These kids build a little catapult and then use a large crane to shoot them...

Chick Gets Rifled Play Video

Chick Gets Rifled

This femlae Honor Guard has trouble catching a rifle that is tossed to her.


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