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Armenia's Got Talent Play Video

Armenia's Got Talent

89 months ago 272,026 3

With the incredible success of Britain's Got Talent Armenia tried a spin of...

Cameraman Taken Out By Truck Play Video

Cameraman Taken Out By Truck

89 months ago 159,450 126

Here is an old classic that's been passed around quite a bit recently. A c...

Cat Attacks Rottweiler Play Video

Cat Attacks Rottweiler

89 months ago 899,480 49

Here is something you don't see everyday. Out of nowhere a cat decides to ...

Break Gallery CCCIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCIII

Break gallery CCCIII is guaranteed to get you over hump day. Enjoy!

Chick Falls Off Boat Play Video

Chick Falls Off Boat

89 months ago 708,532 3

This chick is trying to look hot for the camera but loses her balance and f...

How to Play Mattress Dominoes Play Video

How to Play Mattress Dominoes

89 months ago 171,400 1

Step 1: Secure yourself to crappy dorm bed with some rope. Step 2: Get a bu...

Thanks for Not Pulling Out Play Video

Thanks for Not Pulling Out

89 months ago 343,411 3

Father's Day is this weekend, and you can show your dad all the appreciatio...

Don't Drink And Go-Cart Play Video

Don't Drink And Go-Cart

89 months ago 265,074 87

This guy tries to show off on his go-cart after a couple drinks and hits th...

Chick Slams Face Through Door Play Video

Chick Slams Face Through Door

89 months ago 442,922 1

This chubby chick gets a little too excited about whats in the break room's...


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