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Beach Tackle Whiplash Play Video

Beach Tackle Whiplash

97 months ago 284,094 56

Out of nowhere this guy runs full speed and slams into his buddy from behin...

Tree Nearly Crushes Car Play Video

Tree Nearly Crushes Car

97 months ago 207,495 45

A huge tree falls over during a bad storm and misses hitting a passing car ...

Break Gallery CCXV Play Video

Break Gallery CCXV

Break Gallery #215!!! Time to get fired up peoples, we have another batch o...

Earthquake Rocks Chino Falls Play Video

Earthquake Rocks Chino Falls

97 months ago 253,874 2

This is raw footage taken from Chino Falls the epicenter of yesterdays 5.4 ...

How Not To Ride A Rail Play Video

How Not To Ride A Rail

97 months ago 192,302 39

This kid demonstrates how fast you can stop when you ride your bike on a ra...

Two Trains Collide Head On Play Video

Two Trains Collide Head On

97 months ago 488,203 1

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt in this accident but due to a schedu...

How To Slow A Biker Down Play Video

How To Slow A Biker Down

97 months ago 404,942 274

At a critical mass ride an NYPD officer finds a very innovative way of gett...

Lion Video Play Video

Lion Video

97 months ago 490,669 1

While on safari, these tourists observe some very strange behavior in a gro...

My Best Friend's Girl Play Video

My Best Friend's Girl

Recently released trailer for My Best Friend's Girl an outrageous, sexy, no...

Singing Husky Play Video

Singing Husky

97 months ago 206,509 10

This husky keeps tune with a song on the radio. I love how the other dog j...


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