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Dangerous Explosive Mallets Play Video

Dangerous Explosive Mallets

94 months ago 305,599 38

When you can't afford a Nintendo or a copy of Bomberman, you just have to i...

Dirt Bikers Collide Head On Play Video

Dirt Bikers Collide Head On

94 months ago 295,005 12

This dude snaps his wrist after suddenly colliding with another rider head ...

Nerves of Steel Play Video

Nerves of Steel

94 months ago 715,475 4

This dude comes within inches of being slaughtered by a rally car but hardl...

Beware of the Doghouse Play Video

Beware of the Doghouse

So you are the genius who bought your girlfriend a new vacuum cleaner for t...

Break Gallery CCL Play Video

Break Gallery CCL

Break Gallery 250 is overflowing with awesome pics from all over the web. I...

Big Man Has Big Truck Rental Play Video

Big Man Has Big Truck Rental

94 months ago 448,323 30

Another funny commercial introduces us to Jones' Truck Rental and Storage, ...


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