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Hard Slap Knocks Kid Out Cold Play Video

Hard Slap Knocks Kid Out Cold

107 months ago 3,285,581 139

These kids are having an argument when suddenly the guy in red decides to e...

Don Imus Visits Al Sharpton Play Video

Don Imus Visits Al Sharpton

107 months ago 418,357 377,997

If you havent heard yet, radio personality Don Imus was suspended today for...

Another Failed Keg Stand Play Video

Another Failed Keg Stand

107 months ago 390,505 264,606

Ive got good news and bad news. The bad news is the whole world is about to...

When PTA Meetings Go Bad Play Video

When PTA Meetings Go Bad

107 months ago 699,828 2

An argument starts up at a PTA meeting and people begin picking up chairs a...

How To Do The Belt Flip Play Video

How To Do The Belt Flip

107 months ago 1,425,790 6

Pretty cool demonstartion on how to do a belt flip. I am surprised this ch...

16,000 Bottle Rockets Play Video

16,000 Bottle Rockets

107 months ago 584,656 2

For the finale of their backyard fireworks display last 4th, these guys set...

How Not To Do A Keg Stand Play Video

How Not To Do A Keg Stand

107 months ago 588,294 97,235

Now Ive done a few keg stands in my day and I think I can safely say this i...

Cell Phone Hack Play Video

Cell Phone Hack

107 months ago 1,069,259 1

Learn how to hack a cell phone so its able to receive police transmissions....

Through The Legs At 200mph Play Video

Through The Legs At 200mph

107 months ago 716,446 9

This guy hits a golf ball and sends it flying at 200 miles per hour through...

Peep Show Play Video

Peep Show

107 months ago 329,636 2,021,418

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a great day and eat lots of food...

Row Row Your Boat Play Video

Row Row Your Boat

107 months ago 792,590 2

This boat loses its engine so they put a backhoe on the boat and use it to ...

My New Favorite Commercial Play Video

My New Favorite Commercial

107 months ago 1,252,180 1

Guarantee you couldn't get away with airing this commercial on TV in the US...

Awesome Skate Tricks Play Video

Awesome Skate Tricks

107 months ago 558,751 2

This skater does some cool stuff, tricks most skaters dont even think to tr...

Bike Crashes Into Wall Hard Play Video

Bike Crashes Into Wall Hard

107 months ago 968,020 1

This is exactly why I stopped racing motorcycles competitively. That and th...

Bill OReilly Vs Geraldo Play Video

Bill OReilly Vs Geraldo

107 months ago 828,346 2

LOUD NOISES!!!! Whoever screams louder wins the argument! In the end I thin...

Cow Eats Baby Chick Play Video

Cow Eats Baby Chick

107 months ago 712,941 1,728,348

I guess humans arent the only ones who love devouring peeps this time of ye...

Easter Bunny Massacred Play Video

Easter Bunny Massacred

107 months ago 461,664 925,848

With Easter just a couple days away I am sad to announce that the Easter Bu...

Cat Vs Printer Play Video

Cat Vs Printer

107 months ago 762,694 4

This cat does not get along well with printers. How funny would it be if yo...


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