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Amazing Dice Stacking Skills Play Video

Amazing Dice Stacking Skills

109 months ago 1,579,018 3

Up until today I had no idea Dice Stacking was even a hobby let alone a spo...

Worlds Dumbest Criminal Play Video

Worlds Dumbest Criminal

Ok so before you complain yes we posted part of this clip about 6 months ag...

Cops Knock Out Drunk Guy Play Video

Cops Knock Out Drunk Guy

109 months ago 2,965,415 1

Drunk guys never learn; this one gets knocked out cold by a cop when he res...

Clear Download History Play Video

Clear Download History

109 months ago 1,147,894 807,054

Learn how to hide your internet habits from this clear your download histor...

Firework Demolition Gone Bad Play Video

Firework Demolition Gone Bad

109 months ago 909,364 962,399

Police confiscate 6 truckloads of fireworks and a Fire Marshall decides to ...

Cop Gets Run Over By Car Play Video

Cop Gets Run Over By Car

109 months ago 786,647 2

A guy gets trapped during a pursuit and backs over a cop on a motorcycle in...

Close Call With Train Play Video

Close Call With Train

109 months ago 745,113 5

Watch this couple try to jump across the tracks before a train comes speedi...

Girl With Very Fast Hands Play Video

Girl With Very Fast Hands

109 months ago 940,823 6

This girl must have the fastest hands I've ever seen before. I dont know wh...

Motorcycle Skatman Part 2 Play Video

Motorcycle Skatman Part 2

109 months ago 646,275 6

Remember the motorcycle skatman from a couple months ago? Well he's got som...

Soup Spoons Of Cinnamon Play Video

Soup Spoons Of Cinnamon

109 months ago 404,884 844,287

People say you cant eat a tablespoon of cinnamon, so we tried soup spoon fu...

Iraq Tickling Play Video

Iraq Tickling

109 months ago 1,077,644 4

Good to see our boys and girls in the services having fun in this tickling ...

Dude Whacks Head Snowboarding Play Video

Dude Whacks Head Snowboarding

109 months ago 365,537 1

This guy wipes out a couple times trying to ride a rail on his snowboard. ...

Urban Shoplifting Play Video

Urban Shoplifting

109 months ago 1,171,255 2

An Australian guy has invented a new sport called Urban Shoplifting. It's a...

Craig Ferguson Mocks Rumsfeld Play Video

Craig Ferguson Mocks Rumsfeld

109 months ago 430,102 963,019

Craig Ferguson takes a hilarious look back at Donald Rumsfeld's best press ...

Stop Motion Piano And Drums Play Video

Stop Motion Piano And Drums

109 months ago 2,253,305 25

Just because you dont know how to play the piano or drums doesnt mean you c...

What Are The Odds? Play Video

What Are The Odds?

110 months ago 1,688,193 6

I was trying to make a base jumping/crazy sky diving stunt video in Grand T...

Dr. Phil Confronts Scammers Play Video

Dr. Phil Confronts Scammers

110 months ago 1,068,841 4

For once I gotta give Dr. Phil some credit. He found out that these women w...

The Earth Is Very Small Play Video

The Earth Is Very Small

110 months ago 1,110,336 5

Have you ever wondered how big the Earth is compared to the other planets, ...


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