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This Year in Auto-Tune 2009 Play Video

This Year in Auto-Tune 2009 56 months ago

Steve Porter's auto-tune rendition of the whackiest celebrity moments of th...

Cat Is A Fan Of Peanut Butter Play Video

Cat Is A Fan Of Peanut Butter 56 months ago

This cat likes peanut butter so much that he actually makes the 'nom nom' s...

Luckiest Mailman In History Play Video

Luckiest Mailman In History 56 months ago

A mailman forgets to hit his parking brake before running into a gas statio...

Great Campaign Ad Play Video

Great Campaign Ad 56 months ago

This real campaign ad for a New Orleans mayoral candidate attempts to talk ...

Pics of Kalika Moquin Play Video

Pics of Kalika Moquin 56 months ago

You need a caddy to help you distinguish between all the Tiger Woods women,...