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Incredible Soccer Skills Play Video

Incredible Soccer Skills

101 months ago 383,392 2,069

I am not the biggest fan of soccer but you got to appreciate these skills. ...

Overconfident Tom Brady Play Video

Overconfident Tom Brady

101 months ago 236,765 3

I bet 17 points isnt looking too shabby now. If you like this, check out <...

Politically Incorrect Sign Play Video

Politically Incorrect Sign

101 months ago 242,826 3

I thought this sign was hilarious. Let me know what you guys think of the ...

Planters Cashews Ugly Chick Play Video

Planters Cashews Ugly Chick

101 months ago 303,706 12

I actually thought this commercial for Planters Cashews was really funny.

Career Builder Firefly Play Video

Career Builder Firefly

101 months ago 135,402 13

Wishing wont get you a better job. Career Builder Super Bowl commercial

FedEx Carrier Pigeons Play Video

FedEx Carrier Pigeons

101 months ago 125,708 101

FedEx carrier pigeons Super Bowl commercial.

Audi R8 Godfather Parody Play Video

Audi R8 Godfather Parody

101 months ago 138,893 184

Audis clever parody of the classic dead horse scene from The Godfather. Thi...

Say Goodbye To Football Play Video

Say Goodbye To Football

Thanks to the NFL for another great season, but especially for all of the l...


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