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Rough Bet To Lose Play Video

Rough Bet To Lose

95 months ago 298,144 3

This guy loses a bet and lets his buddy shoot off a 30 ought 6 rifle within...

Front Flip Faceplant Play Video

Front Flip Faceplant

95 months ago 241,560 335

This kid tries to do a front flip off a wooden platform but rotates too muc...

Break Gallery CCXXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CCXXVI

Break Gallery 226! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Check out our l...

World's Most Fearless Animal Play Video

World's Most Fearless Animal

95 months ago 652,363 23

These little friggin' animals are officially the World's Most Fearless Anim...

In Your Face: A Montage Play Video

In Your Face: A Montage

95 months ago 620,367 8

Not many better ways to start off your weekend than with some quality foota...

Branded by an Apple Cutter Play Video

Branded by an Apple Cutter

95 months ago 373,341 82

Little known fact: ranchers have been branding idiot frat guys with apple c...

Accident At Sea World Play Video

Accident At Sea World

95 months ago 720,305 94

Some chick loses her balance while filming a show at sea world and falls of...

Hand Stand Stunt Goes Bad Play Video

Hand Stand Stunt Goes Bad

95 months ago 236,589 53

This kid gets hit hard in the nuts after his buddy attempts to jump through...

Free Runner Faceplants Play Video

Free Runner Faceplants

95 months ago 219,541 76

He free runs, he free falls, and gets a free teeth straightening from the b...


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