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Fat Guy Falls Flat on Face Play Video

Fat Guy Falls Flat on Face

93 months ago 606,364 66

Being trapped in a metal cart and suffering a faceplant may still not be en...

Chick Refuses to Be Towed Play Video

Chick Refuses to Be Towed

93 months ago 730,043 78

The idiocy of women drivers knows no boundaries. Around the globe, they do ...

Don't Mess With Santa Play Video

Don't Mess With Santa

93 months ago 276,173 221

This Santa isn't too thrilled about standing in the cold all day trying to ...

Epic Football Failure Play Video

Epic Football Failure

93 months ago 494,105 1

The sports world will only remember him for this play. If you like this, c...

Shocking Sink Prank Play Video

Shocking Sink Prank

93 months ago 604,147 75

Ever heard of an electronic sink before? This guy just had one installed an...

Dangerous Explosive Mallets Play Video

Dangerous Explosive Mallets

93 months ago 305,531 38

When you can't afford a Nintendo or a copy of Bomberman, you just have to i...

Dirt Bikers Collide Head On Play Video

Dirt Bikers Collide Head On

93 months ago 295,005 12

This dude snaps his wrist after suddenly colliding with another rider head ...


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