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Hot Sauce Nearly Kills Kid Play Video

Hot Sauce Nearly Kills Kid

106 months ago 1,141,480 1,624,960

The hot sauce in this video is rated at two million scoville units. The wa...

Kids Flip SUV On Beach Play Video

Kids Flip SUV On Beach

106 months ago 689,144 65,783

Watch the kid hangin out of the sunroof. These guys take a few sharp turns...

Soldiers Run Over IED Device Play Video

Soldiers Run Over IED Device

106 months ago 905,980 1

These soldiers roll over an IED device which detonates creating a crater 10...

Little Becky Prank Call Play Video

Little Becky Prank Call

106 months ago 757,241 12

This cute little Irish girl named Becky prank calls a demolition company an...

Fire In The Hole! Play Video

Fire In The Hole!

106 months ago 1,142,775 6

This guy dumps a ton gasoline all over his yard in order to start a bonfire...

Fastest Secretary In The World Play Video

Fastest Secretary In The World

106 months ago 1,082,584 4,043,376

Meet the worlds fastest secretary who can stamp documents faster than anyon...

Halo 2 Double Kill Play Video

Halo 2 Double Kill

106 months ago 953,897 1,345,151

Even if your not a fan of Halo you got to appreciate this kill. This has g...

Rollerblader Crushes Arm Play Video

Rollerblader Crushes Arm

106 months ago 399,823 1

A rollerblader tries to ride a rail down a staircase but slips splitting th...

Road Trip Prank Play Video

Road Trip Prank

106 months ago 808,015 692,522

After a weekend college camping class these guys were on their way when the...

Insane Street Bike Racing Play Video

Insane Street Bike Racing

106 months ago 530,406 2

Its amazing after watching this video that either of these two guys are ali...

Top Ten Boxing Knockouts Play Video

Top Ten Boxing Knockouts

106 months ago 967,336 2

Heres a great compilation of ten awesome Boxing knockouts. I love the ones ...

Everclear Fire Ball Accident Play Video

Everclear Fire Ball Accident

106 months ago 825,994 4

This guy is trying to impress a kitchen full of his college buddies by taki...

Failed Motorcycle Hand Stand Play Video

Failed Motorcycle Hand Stand

106 months ago 577,945 1,694,918

This guy tries to do a handstand on his motorcycle and guess what? It doesn...

Ninja Cow Play Video

Ninja Cow

106 months ago 1,497,783 16

These guys tie up a cow and begin to transport him to the city butcher. Th...

Rollerblader Face Plants Play Video

Rollerblader Face Plants

106 months ago 520,948 1,776,270

This dude tries to pull off a trick but ends up landing face first into the...

School Bully Gets One Punched Play Video

School Bully Gets One Punched

106 months ago 4,278,980 38

A school bully picks on a kid about half his size during recess. The bully...


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