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Break Gallery CCCXIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXIII

Break Gallery 313 will give you so many laughs over the weekend your stomac...

Get Wet - Remix Play Video

Get Wet - Remix

A hilarious montage of splash pranks, flying tubes, pool slips, and more we...

Blindfolded Nut Shot Play Video

Blindfolded Nut Shot

88 months ago 352,701 22

Poor kid thinks he is playing a game but ends up with a painful nut shot.

Self Inflicted Face Plant Play Video

Self Inflicted Face Plant

88 months ago 194,592 1

This dude stands on the edge of a box and falls forwards slamming his face ...

Failed Missile Launch Play Video

Failed Missile Launch

88 months ago 298,806 1

A couple soldiers practice firing a Javelin Anti-Armour Missile but shortly...

JK Wedding Dance Play Video

JK Wedding Dance

88 months ago 622,221 6

What better way to show your lifetime commitment to all your friends and fa...

Break Gallery CCCXII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXII

Break Gallery 312 is jam packed with some of the funniest photos the world ...

Disgusting Bug For Lunch Play Video

Disgusting Bug For Lunch

88 months ago 135,712 857

Really not to much to this clip until the guy decides to eat the second bug...

Longest Volleyball Rally Ever Play Video

Longest Volleyball Rally Ever

88 months ago 216,877 2

Every set was more epic than the last. You can watch the whole game on its ...


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