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Parking Spot Revenge Play Video

Parking Spot Revenge

83 months ago 538,399

It's a rare day when I admit a chick did something positive while driving b...

Your Top Five List Play Video

Your Top Five List

83 months ago 184,116

A couple sits down and talks about who is on their Top 5 free pass cheat li...

Reporter Goes Swimming Play Video

Reporter Goes Swimming

83 months ago 207,329

This reporter is explaining how high the river has gotten since a recent ra...

Dog Hates Song Play Video

Dog Hates Song

83 months ago 228,409

This dog will calmly listen to this chick sing away but as soon as she star...

Long Fall Off Ladder Play Video

Long Fall Off Ladder

83 months ago 129,362

This clumsy dude is reaching to the top of the roof when he loses his grip ...

Ostrich Attacks Kid Play Video

Ostrich Attacks Kid

83 months ago 290,768

An ostrich attacks a little girl on a pony, and then her dad comes in for a...

Failed Backflip Off Tree Play Video

Failed Backflip Off Tree

83 months ago 88,308

Gravity claims another dude trying parkour out for the first time.


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