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Ocean's Number One Bad Guy Play Video

Ocean's Number One Bad Guy

88 months ago 320,778 13

I am still not sure I can buy the whole explosion being as hot as the sun t...

Lizard Vs Baby Chicken Play Video

Lizard Vs Baby Chicken

88 months ago 348,192 2

A lizard thinks he has found lunch when he finds a baby chicken all alone.

Awesome Trampoline Dunks Play Video

Awesome Trampoline Dunks

88 months ago 227,254 7

This guy pulls off some amazing trampoline dunks that are so good they even...

Break Gallery CCCXV Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXV

Break Gallery 315 offers only the webs best and hilarious photos. Its exact...

Nunchuck Fail Play Video

Nunchuck Fail

88 months ago 535,897 49

This guy was doing really good up until the part he knocked himself out col...

Subway Crash Play Video

Subway Crash

88 months ago 183,785 65

Earlier this month two light-rail trains collided injuring more than 40 peo...

Trust Me It's Safe Play Video

Trust Me It's Safe

88 months ago 474,318 73

When someone tells you not to worry its completely safe, you should be prob...

Failed Motorbike Attempts Play Video

Failed Motorbike Attempts

88 months ago 169,215 2

A bunch of bikers attempt to ride up a very steep hill and all wipe out mis...

Hippie Weirdo Yoga Farmer Play Video

Hippie Weirdo Yoga Farmer

88 months ago 117,592 925

A 6 foot tall Rastafarian rooster, talking cow, and a pedo yoga guy on a fa...


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