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Life Sized Wii Sports Play Video

Life Sized Wii Sports

108 months ago 827,996 777,867

These guys have hooked their Wii up to a movie theater screen and proceed t...

Break Gallery CXVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CXVIII

Break Gallery #118. Some sublime material in here this time. Car wrecks, ho...

Redneck Airways Play Video

Redneck Airways

108 months ago 881,358 18

Not only is it the pilot that notices a problem with this planes wing but h...

Worse Boating Accident Ever Play Video

Worse Boating Accident Ever

108 months ago 843,660 1

What a rough day this guy had. His engine fails to shut off sending his bo...

Dry Ice Bomb In Garbage Can Play Video

Dry Ice Bomb In Garbage Can

108 months ago 966,170 2,417,822

These guys create a seal on a large garbage can and fill it with dry ice an...

Shower Panties Prank Play Video

Shower Panties Prank

108 months ago 1,244,604 6

While their roommate was taking a shower, this guy's friends went in and to...

My Box In A Box Play Video

My Box In A Box

108 months ago 2,939,265 5

Britney Showed the World her Box...But My Box is Just For You...

Little Dude Big Whiplash Play Video

Little Dude Big Whiplash

108 months ago 721,216 1,827,411

A 130 pound guy unsuspectingly gets speared from behind by a 230 pound guy ...

Fire Causes Major Backdraft Play Video

Fire Causes Major Backdraft

108 months ago 934,397 7

This is an amazing video of a group of firefighters attempting to put out a...

Car Vs Snowman Play Video

Car Vs Snowman

108 months ago 887,400 2

These guys build a snowman in the middle of a road and then drive their car...

Failed Attempt At Suicide Play Video

Failed Attempt At Suicide

108 months ago 1,418,059 533,611

Alright, this really isnt something to laugh about but when you watch this ...

Drunk Boxing At Its Best Play Video

Drunk Boxing At Its Best

108 months ago 1,003,617 14

Some Drunk dude challenges a much less drunk guy to a boxing match. This fi...

Dumping A Dead Body Prank Play Video

Dumping A Dead Body Prank

108 months ago 1,217,721 12

These guys in Boston wanted to see how long it would take for the cops to s...

Live Action Pacman Play Video

Live Action Pacman

108 months ago 670,071 1

First the Japanese brought us live action Matrix, then live action Super Ma...

Go Speed Racer Go Play Video

Go Speed Racer Go

108 months ago 780,283 4,913,714

Awesome footage of a very very fast race car from an on-board camera. Video...

Busted Finger Big Time Play Video

Busted Finger Big Time

108 months ago 628,928 688,552

Alright, when I first saw this dude wipeout and start crying about his fing...

Tara Reid Countdown Play Video

Tara Reid Countdown

108 months ago 769,382 112,355

Tara Reid hosted a New Years Eve party in Chicago. Here she is trying to c...


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