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Rally Car Crushes Deer Play Video

Rally Car Crushes Deer

100 months ago 442,537 854

This accident occured on Saturday and the driver was in first place with le...

Rally Car Very Close Call Play Video

Rally Car Very Close Call

100 months ago 285,724 284

This guy better count his lucky stars and say thanks to his God because tha...

Feigning Interest on a Date Play Video

Feigning Interest on a Date

100 months ago 256,455 869

Have you ever been forced to feign interest while on a date with a hot girl...

Planet Freaking Earth Play Video

Planet Freaking Earth

100 months ago 577,091 2,573

Planet earth can be a crazy freaking place. More at http://www.maxgoldbergo...

Google Maps is Evil Play Video

Google Maps is Evil

100 months ago 628,888 1

Google maps is getting really creepy and evil.

Hilary Obama Mahna Mahna Play Video

Hilary Obama Mahna Mahna

100 months ago 233,291 4

With Super Tuesday just around the corner I thought this was a pretty funny...

Lost Monster Finally Revealed Play Video

Lost Monster Finally Revealed

100 months ago 429,469 456

Weve waited 4 seasons and finally we get to see what the monster in Lost lo...

Proper Fridge Disposal Play Video

Proper Fridge Disposal

100 months ago 204,456 70

These kids have found the best way to dispose of an old fridge.

Ski Jump Knee Meets Face Play Video

Ski Jump Knee Meets Face

100 months ago 186,243 27

Skier overshoots a large jump at whistler causing him to land flat and disl...

Roid Head Loves Himself Play Video

Roid Head Loves Himself

100 months ago 1,018,992 64

This juiced up roid head loves his body so much. Have you ever seen this mu...


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