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One Legged Latin Dancer Play Video

One Legged Latin Dancer

85 months ago 197,226

If you think this guy dancing with one leg is impressive, you should see hi...

Bouquet Catch Fail Play Video

Bouquet Catch Fail

85 months ago 195,231

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride... occasionally a traumatic brain injury...

Break Gallery CCCLIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCLIII

Break Gallery 353! An awesome secret beer fridge, a flock of birds giving t...

Forklift Spin Move Play Video

Forklift Spin Move

85 months ago 223,845

We have posted thousands of videos where a stunt ended in a ...

Gun Safety Fail Play Video

Gun Safety Fail

85 months ago 467,676

While discussing how to properly hold and shoot a firearm this chick casual...

The Hangover Hotel Play Video

The Hangover Hotel

Last night a little hazy? Enter The Hangover Hotel and enter to win a Flip ...

Self Assembling Motorcycle Play Video

Self Assembling Motorcycle

85 months ago 151,591

Pretty cool stop animation of a bunch of parts in this guys garage that com...


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