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Talented Young Dog Play Video

Talented Young Dog

97 months ago 385,421 3

After his girlfriend left him this guy is slowly training his new dog to re...

Weed Whacker Rips Dudes Chest Play Video

Weed Whacker Rips Dudes Chest

98 months ago 606,533 490

In retropsect I haven't always made the best decisions when I have had too ...

Kid Hit By Car For Five Bucks Play Video

Kid Hit By Car For Five Bucks

98 months ago 303,229 110

I debated posting this one since the quality of this camera absolutely suck...

Gymnast Lands On Head Play Video

Gymnast Lands On Head

98 months ago 301,249 264

This dude hits his head against the mat so hard that it completely disorien...

World Record Truck Jump Play Video

World Record Truck Jump

98 months ago 259,826 12

This weekend the world record for jumping a truck was set in Plattsburgh, N...

Dude Shoots Buddies Good Leg Play Video

Dude Shoots Buddies Good Leg

98 months ago 330,156 116

Can someone explain what I am missing here. Last time I checked getting hi...

Toyota Drifting Accident Play Video

Toyota Drifting Accident

98 months ago 356,716 1

This guy attempts to show off his drifting skills but ends up slamming into...

Break Gallery CC Play Video

Break Gallery CC

Break Gallery #200!!! We are reaching a bit of a milestone here peoples, wi...

Thief Steals Dudes Pizza Play Video

Thief Steals Dudes Pizza

98 months ago 308,559 1

While this guy is attempting to pay for his pizza a guy rushes in and steal...


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