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Break Gallery CCLXI Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXI

Break Gallery 261 is jam-packed with the usual awesome pics from all over t...

Wrong Numbers Play Video

Wrong Numbers

92 months ago 479,477 6

An uptight lady explains her opinion on people who dial wrong numbers and t...

Lowrider Routine Goes Wrong Play Video

Lowrider Routine Goes Wrong

92 months ago 424,186 7

All my friends love a lowrider...until it flips over and almost crushes the...

Stripper Falls Off the Stage Play Video

Stripper Falls Off the Stage

92 months ago 2,910,333 10

Two different vantage points of a talented blonde stripper hottie at this y...

World's Scariest Bridge Play Video

World's Scariest Bridge

92 months ago 602,114 131

This guy goes on an exotic vacation and takes a walk over what has to be th...

The Presidential Gatling Gun Play Video

The Presidential Gatling Gun

92 months ago 660,817 21

Living in the White House is cool and all, but nothing shows that you're th...

Change Is Coming Play Video

Change Is Coming

92 months ago 160,092 1

We voted for a change so what is it and when is it going to get here?


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