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Safety Pin Optical Illusion Play Video

Safety Pin Optical Illusion

91 months ago 252,931 9

I actually tried this while working at my desk. I didn't have a toothpick ...

Kid Almost Crushed By Train Play Video

Kid Almost Crushed By Train

91 months ago 180,005 1

This kid hops a gate and misjudges the speed of a train nearly getting crus...

Terrorist Shooter Prank Play Video

Terrorist Shooter Prank

91 months ago 215,175 1

This guy sets up a speaker and plays loud gunshots while his buddy is sleep...

How to Fail at Beer Theft Play Video

How to Fail at Beer Theft

91 months ago 220,401 14

Two criminal masterminds break into a store with a shovel to grab some beer...

Funny Soccer Celebration Play Video

Funny Soccer Celebration

92 months ago 1,061,720 33

This isn't your average soccer fight. After a sweet goal, a forward begins ...

Cat Has Mean Right Hook Play Video

Cat Has Mean Right Hook

92 months ago 562,897 5

A cat stands on its hind legs and throws some pretty mean punches at a dog ...

Break Gallery CCLXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXVI

Break Gallery 266 contains enough awesome, hilarious, cool, funny, and mode...

Asian Teen is Very Awkward Play Video

Asian Teen is Very Awkward

92 months ago 1,537,968 182

No matter how embarrassed you feel when you sing karaoke, you're not as bad...


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