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Frat Guy Punched In Face Play Video

Frat Guy Punched In Face

91 months ago 197,675 33

This frat guy needs some extra cash so he lets one dude punch him in the st...

Mountain Biker Slams Tree Play Video

Mountain Biker Slams Tree

91 months ago 211,120 2

This mountain biker loses control coming down the side of a hill and slams ...

Break Gallery CLLXVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CLLXVIII

Break Gallery 268 is guaranteed to entertain you over the holiday weekend. ...

Probably Not The Best Idea Play Video

Probably Not The Best Idea

91 months ago 526,138 13

On the bright side the dude with the can on his head has always been a big ...

Kid Knocks Himself Out Cold Play Video

Kid Knocks Himself Out Cold

91 months ago 352,338 2

This goofy kid chases his little brother at a playground and ends up runnin...

Four Women Steal Laptop Play Video

Four Women Steal Laptop

91 months ago 309,321 12

Four women walk into a computer parts store and look act as if they are sim...

Ugly Arm Break Play Video

Ugly Arm Break

91 months ago 136,982 3

I wonder if skaters one day just say screw it these friggin rails suck and ...


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