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Soccer Cheap Shot Play Video

Soccer Cheap Shot

114 months ago 256,585 1,512,280

How about this shot for a red card. This dude doesnt even make an attempt ...

Superman Stunt Failed Play Video

Superman Stunt Failed

114 months ago 220,736 355,956

A biker tries to do a superman while over 20ft in the air but loses his gri...

Speed Climbing Lovers Leap Play Video

Speed Climbing Lovers Leap

114 months ago 264,780 1,072,205

Amazing video of some dude that scaled up Lovers Leap at a record 4m25s wit...

The Girls of E3 Play Video

The Girls of E3

114 months ago 332,620 2

Well, one of the best parts of checking out all the cool upcoming games at ...

Scoring A Goal Off Your Face Play Video

Scoring A Goal Off Your Face

114 months ago 109,206 94,549

Ordinarily there wouldnt be anything wrong with scoring a goal off your fac...

Elephant Has A Snack Play Video

Elephant Has A Snack

114 months ago 93,761 2

We all know that elephants enjoy peanuts but they have a much more sophisti...

Dancing At A Slumber Party Play Video

Dancing At A Slumber Party

114 months ago 458,332 1

What do girls do at slumber parties besides have hot pillow fights in there...

Cops Test Out Their Taser Gun Play Video

Cops Test Out Their Taser Gun

114 months ago 177,279 184,628

A bunch of cops place a twenty dollar bill 5 feet from another officer and ...

Changing Outfits Play Video

Changing Outfits

114 months ago 370,891 1

Alright, is their some new trick in changing clothes fast. About a week ag...

Another Human Beatbox Play Video

Another Human Beatbox

114 months ago 487,271 3

This guy is awesome. He is the best I have ever heard. The bar has been s...

Traffic Girl Raps Awkwardly Play Video

Traffic Girl Raps Awkwardly

114 months ago 254,783 10

What is up with white people doing these awful raps lately and reporters ma...

Reporter Hit By Light Play Video

Reporter Hit By Light

114 months ago 207,657 1,516,644

In the middle of a newscast a reporter is taken out by an overhead light. D...

Bumpy Truck Ride Play Video

Bumpy Truck Ride

114 months ago 128,160 26,819

About 10 guys pile into the back of a pickup truck at a racing event. Watc...

The Good Word Play Video

The Good Word

114 months ago 67,760 1,030,243

These guys are hilarious, all they want is five minutes to save your soul a...


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