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Street BMX Face Plant Play Video

Street BMX Face Plant

89 months ago 161,910 1

This dude doesn't realize till the last second that the chain caught his ba...

Now That's A Gun Play Video

Now That's A Gun

89 months ago 251,088 24

These guys fill a potato gun with gasoline and when they shoot it into the ...

Brazilian Bank Robbery Play Video

Brazilian Bank Robbery

89 months ago 462,933 57

Brazilians are some really friendly people. About five guys decide to rob ...

Another Bird Takes Down Plane Play Video

Another Bird Takes Down Plane

89 months ago 152,656 46

We posted this one about 4 years ago but its been going around a lot lately...

Scary Private Car Buying Scam Play Video

Scary Private Car Buying Scam

89 months ago 169,716 163

Want to make a quick $3,200? All you need is a faux MILF and a town full of...

The Suicide Pact Play Video

The Suicide Pact

89 months ago 72,044 102

If Sylvia Plath ran April Fools day, it might go a little like this.

Break Gallery CCC Play Video

Break Gallery CCC

Break Gallery 300 offers nothing but quality pictures from all over the web...

Funny Hammer Pants Flash Mob Play Video

Funny Hammer Pants Flash Mob

89 months ago 583,303 10

You know hammer pants will always be too legit 2 quit, because on any waist...


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