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Incredible Two Legged Dog Play Video

Incredible Two Legged Dog

115 months ago 218,008 26

Meet Faith, the incredible two legged dog that doesn''t let her obvious dis...

Crazy Kid Eats Cactus Play Video

Crazy Kid Eats Cactus

115 months ago 132,434 1

This crazy kid tries to eat a cactus like it was an apple. I''m trying to f...

Distracting Secretary Play Video

Distracting Secretary

115 months ago 107,603 1

Two executives are having a conversation when the younger secretary walks b...

This is Not A Scam Play Video

This is Not A Scam

115 months ago 293,246 139,963

This is a great spoof on those old Don Lapre get rich quick infomercials. ...

And 1 Bowling Play Video

And 1 Bowling

115 months ago 105,694 1

This guy has perfected one of the strangest bowling moves I''ve ever seen. ...

White Kids Cant Dance Play Video

White Kids Cant Dance

115 months ago 131,068 233,464

I had to watch this clip twice because I couldnt figure out if this guy was...

Classic Golf Ball Prank Play Video

Classic Golf Ball Prank

115 months ago 793,922 11

Take one Land Cruiser, about three thousand golf balls and a friend who is ...

Nintendo 64 Kid Goes Crazy Play Video

Nintendo 64 Kid Goes Crazy

115 months ago 325,644 10

A kid gets Nintendo 64 on Christmas and proceeds to go insane. I definitely...

Clown Mask Wake Up Play Video

Clown Mask Wake Up

115 months ago 228,080 1

Clowns creep me out in the daytime when I see them out in public. I cant im...

Snow Mobile Wipeout Play Video

Snow Mobile Wipeout

115 months ago 42,860 112,904

Not sure what this rider was thinking but it wasnt about turning. He compl...

Insane Air Show Crash Footage Play Video

Insane Air Show Crash Footage

115 months ago 468,967 1

This footage from a Russian air show crash is pretty incredible. I don't kn...

Cat Survives 80 Foot Drop Play Video

Cat Survives 80 Foot Drop

116 months ago 311,799 5

There goes lives one through eight. I guess it's true that cats always land...

Missing Glass Door Prank Play Video

Missing Glass Door Prank

116 months ago 373,134 2,010,757

Remove the glass from the doors of a busy mall and what do you get? A hilar...


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