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How To Hack An Elevator Play Video

How To Hack An Elevator

104 months ago 647,263 6

Apparently, many elevators have a standard express override feature. This ...

Dog Runs Into Mailbox Play Video

Dog Runs Into Mailbox

104 months ago 560,234 4

I thought this was pretty funny. Some dog sees a car passing by and ends u...

Workers Rip Apart Bosses Car Play Video

Workers Rip Apart Bosses Car

104 months ago 555,846 20

A couple workers jump in some pretty big machines and literally tear their ...

Kid Paints Picture In HTML Play Video

Kid Paints Picture In HTML

104 months ago 443,251 4

Alright, I admit you got to be a little geeky to appreciate this one. Some...

Truck Full Of Fireworks Play Video

Truck Full Of Fireworks

104 months ago 186,405 1

During a 4th of July celebration the truck holding the fireworks caught on ...

Cool Frisbee Trick Play Video

Cool Frisbee Trick

104 months ago 711,735 1,150,100

Pretty cool trick. This guy throws a frisbee towards a building and it rol...

Break Gallery CXLIV Play Video

Break Gallery CXLIV

Its Break Gallery #144!!! Get your butts in gear peoples because we got it ...

Students Prank Teacher Play Video

Students Prank Teacher

104 months ago 614,477 247,414

Dr.Strong a physics professor at the University of Alabama has a rule that ...

Minor Tablesaw Accident Play Video

Minor Tablesaw Accident

104 months ago 396,988 1

I apologize to anyone who had trouble viewing this one when we first posted...

Future Darwin Award Candidate Play Video

Future Darwin Award Candidate

104 months ago 421,796 7

Well, here is another future darwin award candidate. This guy gets a huge ...

The Worst Job In The World Play Video

The Worst Job In The World

104 months ago 243,857 1

This video is about a year old but we never put it on the home page and I c...

Huge Crane Tips Over Play Video

Huge Crane Tips Over

104 months ago 575,125 1

An enormous crane gets off balance and crashes below some workers. These g...

Torpedo Hits Battleship Play Video

Torpedo Hits Battleship

104 months ago 594,463 7

This is a pretty cool video of a torpedo blowing up a destroyer. The torpe...

Worst Drunk Dunk Ever Play Video

Worst Drunk Dunk Ever

104 months ago 549,945 914,319

This guy chugs a beer, spins around to get dizzy as hell then runs up to du...

Reinventing The Wheel Play Video

Reinventing The Wheel

104 months ago 528,505 2

Michelin has reinvented the wheel and has come up with one that does not us...

Illusion Trick Revealed Play Video

Illusion Trick Revealed

104 months ago 750,427 1,242,624

I have seen Chris Angel in action and some of the stuff he does is pretty a...

The Invisible Jump Rope Play Video

The Invisible Jump Rope

104 months ago 567,055 1,242,384

These guys play tug of war across the street using an invisible rope to see...


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