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Police Chase Crazy Ending Play Video

Police Chase Crazy Ending

99 months ago 449,357 26

This guy in a white van leads police on a wild highway chase that has a ver...

Bush Girl Meets Obama Girl Play Video

Bush Girl Meets Obama Girl

99 months ago 637,156 3

This is a pretty funny encounter of the Bush girl meeting the Obama girl fo...

Talking Cat Hates Waking Up Play Video

Talking Cat Hates Waking Up

99 months ago 531,428 24

This little kitty is definitely not a morning person. He probably was up al...

Be Kind To The Future Play Video

Be Kind To The Future

99 months ago 123,845 104

A group of friends get together and recreated Back to the Future sort of as...

2x4 Prank On Friend Play Video

2x4 Prank On Friend

99 months ago 329,754 94

These guys bet their buddy he can't jump over a 2x4 held roughly 4 feet hig...

Swearing With Predictive Text Play Video

Swearing With Predictive Text

99 months ago 218,865 210

I like this video because its so true, it drives me crazy that I cant use s...

The Waldo Ultimatum Play Video

The Waldo Ultimatum

99 months ago 430,291 4

His identity erased. His past stolen. His whereabouts unknown. Where the he...

Break Gallery CLXXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXIX

Break Gallery #179!!! Hitch up to your seat posts people because there is a...

Crazy Bachelor Party Stripper Play Video

Crazy Bachelor Party Stripper

99 months ago 2,146,714 36

I thought this video was hilarious. Its a bunch of guys at a bachelor part...

Old Lady Has Nerves Of Steel Play Video

Old Lady Has Nerves Of Steel

99 months ago 527,376 1

Some old lady is crossing a street when just a few feet in front of her two...

Dumb Woman Vs Parking Gate Play Video

Dumb Woman Vs Parking Gate

99 months ago 691,773 4

Some dumb woman cant reach the ticket receiver at a parking garage so inste...


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