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Worst Soccer Injury Ever Play Video

Worst Soccer Injury Ever

91 months ago 395,513 13

It's reassuring to know that people other than skaters can break their ankl...

One Dangerous Game of Darts Play Video

One Dangerous Game of Darts

91 months ago 293,456 2

On the internet, one bad decision usually turns into a really, really bad d...

Get Off My Head Play Video

Get Off My Head

91 months ago 172,970 1

A college student is arrested after storming the stage at during a speech b...

Slightly Possessed Demon Dog Play Video

Slightly Possessed Demon Dog

91 months ago 178,906 6

This dog needs to take some medicine and quickly turns into a possessed dem...

Break Gallery CCLXXI Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXI

Break Gallery 271 is guaranteed to contain awesome pics from around the int...

The Butt Crack Chainsaw Play Video

The Butt Crack Chainsaw

91 months ago 440,456 17

No matter how old you get or mature you may be, there's always something fu...

Rail Claims Another Pair Play Video

Rail Claims Another Pair

91 months ago 62,988 2

Another skater tries to slide down a rail only to end up slamming his nuts ...


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