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Amazing Bow And Arrow Shot Play Video

Amazing Bow And Arrow Shot

88 months ago 334,824 15

The Wichita Eagle/ showcases one of the most accurate compound bo...

Balls Of Steel Play Video

Balls Of Steel

88 months ago 275,868 1

We're closing out our Crazy Talents contest with a guy who truly defies exp...

Tweet Boxx - Episode 2 Play Video

Tweet Boxx - Episode 2

88 months ago 49,620 18

Mike Polk keeps us up to date on the latest celebrity Twitter idiocy, or 't...

Make Your Manhood Sparkle Play Video

Make Your Manhood Sparkle

88 months ago 539,282 11

It takes balls to use this stuff in every day life. I guess that's pretty o...

Ninja Scare Prank In Garage Play Video

Ninja Scare Prank In Garage

88 months ago 310,248 1

This wannabe ninja hides in the rafters of a garage and scares the hell out...

Break Gallery CCCVI Play Video

Break Gallery CCCVI

Break Gallery CCCVI is loaded with funny and amazing pictures that will kee...


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