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Ledge Flip Over-Rotation Play Video

Ledge Flip Over-Rotation

79 months ago 93,128

When he got home, his parents lectured him, 'If your friends jumped off a l...

Two Guys On Bike Wipeout Play Video

Two Guys On Bike Wipeout

79 months ago 282,708

I'm mixed on what is a bigger fail the wipeout or two guys riding on one mo...

Dude Falls Out Of Tree Play Video

Dude Falls Out Of Tree

79 months ago 68,747

I think this kid was trying to land on his feet but he misses by roughly 18...

James Bond Bike Play Video

James Bond Bike

Flamethrowers, ejector seat... this bike has everything James Bond needs af...

Relay Treadmill Faceplant Play Video

Relay Treadmill Faceplant

79 months ago 81,750

I didn't realize it was even possible to come in last place on a treadmill.

High School Graduation Fight Play Video

High School Graduation Fight

79 months ago 283,222

This is actually a really competitive high school. They give out just five ...

Purse Snatch Fail Play Video

Purse Snatch Fail

79 months ago 131,464

Going to suck for this dude to jump back in the getaway car and have to exp...

Parkour Guy Gets Railed Play Video

Parkour Guy Gets Railed

79 months ago 114,116

This dude jumps from the top of a wall and lands an epic rail.


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