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Mama Bear Helps Baby Cub Play Video

Mama Bear Helps Baby Cub

81 months ago 178,943

A mama bear knocks down a tree in order to save her baby cub who is strande...

Dog Is Crazy About Beer Play Video

Dog Is Crazy About Beer

81 months ago 244,946

This is a normally a very friendly dog but try and take away his beer and h...

Double Front Flip Fail Play Video

Double Front Flip Fail

81 months ago 117,723

This kid attempts a double front flip off the top of a retaining wall but l...

Falling Object Beat Play Video

Falling Object Beat

81 months ago 117,408

This dude creates a pretty cool beat in his basement by the sound of droppi...

25 Sexy Bartenders Play Video

25 Sexy Bartenders

Bartenders get you drunk, they look pretty, they let you oogle freely at th...


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