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Failed Roof Flip Play Video

Failed Roof Flip

113 months ago 134,649 23

A guy attempts to do a back flip from the roof to the ground below. Shockin...

Tom Noddy Bubble Magic Play Video

Tom Noddy Bubble Magic

113 months ago 199,724 186,719

Magician Tom Noddy performs some awesome tricks using bubbles and smoke. I ...

Proof People Are Prejudice Play Video

Proof People Are Prejudice

113 months ago 179,530 1,183,883

This guys proves people are prejudice by putting a stocking on his head and...

Do You Smell Gas Play Video

Do You Smell Gas

113 months ago 257,701 1

This guy gets out of his car at a demolition derby and says he thinks he sm...

Cop Forgets National Anthem Play Video

Cop Forgets National Anthem

113 months ago 296,033 2

Quite possibly the worst/funniest rendition of our national anthem in the h...

Biker Rides on Water Play Video

Biker Rides on Water

113 months ago 806,403 4

I was waiting for the big wipeout but this dude actually rides his bike on ...

Fastest Gun In the West Play Video

Fastest Gun In the West

113 months ago 789,237 5

This guy is amazing. Watch how fast he unloads then reloads his gun. If I...

Amazing Base Jumping Part 2 Play Video

Amazing Base Jumping Part 2

113 months ago 189,193 1,125,207

Here's part two of the amazing base jump video. The ending jump from a New ...

Amazing Base Jumping Part 1 Play Video

Amazing Base Jumping Part 1

113 months ago 418,493 1,377,392

Here's a pretty incredible video montage of a bunch of amazing base jumpers...

Girls Fails A DUI Test Play Video

Girls Fails A DUI Test

113 months ago 547,615 2,090,184

This is a funny sobriety test. If the alphabet didnt do her in then it was...

Now Thats A Fish Play Video

Now Thats A Fish

113 months ago 582,524 3,924,040

I dont know what type of fish these guys were going for but I think its saf...

Intense Argument On Bus Play Video

Intense Argument On Bus

113 months ago 107,560 109,633

Apparently these two guys were being really loud in the back of a bus and d...

Killer Whale Body Slam Play Video

Killer Whale Body Slam

113 months ago 123,477 3

Can you smell what Shamoo is cooking? Watch this Killer Whale body slam one...

Hilarious Dance Faceplant Play Video

Hilarious Dance Faceplant

113 months ago 2,047,998 2

Here's a sentence I never in a million years thought I would write: A redhe...

Dirt Bike Wipeout Play Video

Dirt Bike Wipeout

113 months ago 260,854 522,837

It sucks that when you start to lose your bike on a wheelie that the first ...

Strong Dude Play Video

Strong Dude

113 months ago 174,772 210,571

Some college kid grabs two cheerleaders and tosses them both up simultaneou...

Cobra Kai Karate Kick Play Video

Cobra Kai Karate Kick

113 months ago 341,376 897,123

Apparently this is the first match for the guy farthest from the camera. Bu...


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