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I Killed Your Husband Play Video

I Killed Your Husband

97 months ago 175,288 24

All they need is two passports and two tickets to Mexico and Casey and Jane...

How to Talk to Black People Play Video

How to Talk to Black People

97 months ago 523,474 7

The U.S. Olympic Track & Field trials are being held in Eugene, Oregon, thi...

Longboard Street Wipeout Play Video

Longboard Street Wipeout

97 months ago 182,131 46

A couple guys race down a street on longboards. The dude leading loses his...

Fire Stunt Goes Bad Play Video

Fire Stunt Goes Bad

97 months ago 232,617 1

This kid soaks his clothes in gasoline and lites himself on fire. After a ...

Break Gallery CLXXXV Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXXV

Break Gallery #185!!! Time to get it on with a little bit of happytime with...

Tazer Challenge Failure Play Video

Tazer Challenge Failure

98 months ago 331,012 18

This guy is sure that he can walk a straight line 10 feet ahead even after ...

Skater Slams Into Glass Door Play Video

Skater Slams Into Glass Door

98 months ago 341,936 120

A skater rides a rail straight into a glass door and busts right through it...

Talking Goat Play Video

Talking Goat

98 months ago 379,177 43

When this goat gets hungry he talks and his voice sounds like Jerry Lewis o...

Hairy Pizza Prank Revenge Play Video

Hairy Pizza Prank Revenge

98 months ago 585,104 1

The husband who ate a pizza stuffed with hair goes so far as to actually dr...

Halo 3 One in a Million Death Play Video

Halo 3 One in a Million Death

98 months ago 439,512 1

During Halo 3 multi player this guy captures what has to be a one in a mill...

Did You Know: Taxes Play Video

Did You Know: Taxes

98 months ago 204,548 1

I hope it comes as no surprise to you that today is Tax Day. Here are some ...

Kid Slams Into Golf Cart Play Video

Kid Slams Into Golf Cart

98 months ago 221,308 2

This guy follows his buddies closely on his bike when they suddenly slam on...

Incredible Play At Home Play Video

Incredible Play At Home

98 months ago 616,368 1

There are actually two different views to this play at home. Incredible ho...

4x4 Flips Down Mountainside Play Video

4x4 Flips Down Mountainside

98 months ago 317,822 566

A 4x4 tries to work its way up a steep slope but ends up losing balance and...


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