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Dude Knocks Out Two Bullies Play Video

Dude Knocks Out Two Bullies

81 months ago 1,297,764

Two guys are giving this kid problems in an apartment lobby and just before...

Cat Video Play Video

Cat Video

81 months ago 115,720

I guess that's what happens when you don't let the cat out of the bag. Cat ...

Crazy Deer Attacks Fat Guy Play Video

Crazy Deer Attacks Fat Guy

81 months ago 432,962

If cheeseburgers fought back as hard as this deer, the guy would probably b...

Prisoner Escapes From Cops Play Video

Prisoner Escapes From Cops

81 months ago 202,826

A prisoner complains it's too hot in the back of a squad car so the cops ro...

Dog Rides On Turtle Play Video

Dog Rides On Turtle

81 months ago 80,473

Dawg, you're riding tall on your lowrider, but I think you could definitely...

Anchor Asks Totally Inappropriate Question Play Video

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