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World's Smallest Cannon Play Video

World's Smallest Cannon

81 months ago 173,627

This is the world's smallest firing cannon and can shoot and destroy delica...

Brutal Bunny Hop Faceplant Play Video

Brutal Bunny Hop Faceplant

81 months ago 90,700

The guy on the bike may have a concussion, but the fat kid must have brain ...

Vertical Leap Fail Play Video

Vertical Leap Fail

81 months ago 145,112

This kid attempts a standing vertical jump over a track and field hurdle bu...

WOW Password Change Freakout Play Video

WOW Password Change Freakout

81 months ago 366,204

Easily his worst freakout since they discontinued Mountain Dew: Code Red in...

Failed Parkour Fence Jump Play Video

Failed Parkour Fence Jump

81 months ago 121,123

This little dude will be singing soprano at church today after failing a pa...

Mama Bear Helps Baby Cub Play Video

Mama Bear Helps Baby Cub

81 months ago 178,943

A mama bear knocks down a tree in order to save her baby cub who is strande...


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