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Slow Motion Gun Shots Play Video

Slow Motion Gun Shots

105 months ago 930,774 721,332

I am such a sucker for the slow motion high fps videos. This one is very c...

Eel Bites Off Divers Thumb Play Video

Eel Bites Off Divers Thumb

105 months ago 2,423,779 5

A scuba diver is feeding Giant Mora Eels near Phuket Thailand when one of t...

Ravenstoke Alaska Play Video

Ravenstoke Alaska

105 months ago 823,932 3

Ravenstoke is a city in Alaska where men outnumbered women 100 to 1. Fortun...

FedEx Planes Dodging Storm Play Video

FedEx Planes Dodging Storm

105 months ago 717,352 19

This is an FAA radar track sequence of FedEx planes avoiding a storm as the...

Dryer Prank Back Fires Play Video

Dryer Prank Back Fires

105 months ago 878,984 561,838

These guys dare their friend to climb into the dryer all the way and close ...

Scare Prank With Train Horn Play Video

Scare Prank With Train Horn

105 months ago 1,267,450 31

These guys pull off some great scare prank a train horn on their car. This ...

The Perfect Woman Play Video

The Perfect Woman

106 months ago 580,595 1

I know weve posted a bunch of Bo Burnhams videos lately but you have to adm...

Slingshot From Point Blank Play Video

Slingshot From Point Blank

106 months ago 545,886 418,106

Another group of friends grab a water ballon and sling shout launcher and n...

The Ultimate Cheapshot Play Video

The Ultimate Cheapshot

106 months ago 668,253 263,766

A couple of buddies are rough housing and finally call it quits. The small...

Bo Burnham - My Little Secret Play Video

Bo Burnham - My Little Secret

106 months ago 768,619 1,658,304

***This is not a repost! Its a sequel*** Bo Burnham has a little secret tha...

Guy Drives Through Mall Play Video

Guy Drives Through Mall

106 months ago 480,730 1,907,385

Some guy who is most likely very drunk takes a nice little joy ride through...

Awesome Half-Time Dunk Show Play Video

Awesome Half-Time Dunk Show

106 months ago 1,142,091 1

This is a great clip from some half-time show. Not only does one dude tota...

Another Perfect Bellyflop Play Video

Another Perfect Bellyflop

106 months ago 742,692 10,111

This dude takes his time and pulls off a perfect belly flop at his high sch...

Wooden Spoon Prank Play Video

Wooden Spoon Prank

106 months ago 572,203 4

Again this prank is still really funny to me, I hope we get a bunch more vi...

Seagull Catching At The Beach Play Video

Seagull Catching At The Beach

106 months ago 752,199 1

This is a great prank to pull at the beach, cover yourself in sand and wait...


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