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He Did What??? Play Video

He Did What???

113 months ago 636,814 1

This is seriously the coolest goal I've ever seen in hockey. If stuff like ...

The Apple Ipad for Women Play Video

The Apple Ipad for Women

113 months ago 268,210 3

The latest life changing invention from Apple: The Ipad for women. Please d...

World Cup Goals Play Video

World Cup Goals

113 months ago 327,856 344,681

This is a compilation of about 10 of the greatest goals ever scored. Some ...

Monkey Hosts TV Show Play Video

Monkey Hosts TV Show

113 months ago 256,069 2,628,462

I dont know much about this show but you got to check out this monkey. Whil...

Eleven Life Sentences Play Video

Eleven Life Sentences

113 months ago 213,082 392,376

This guy tried to outrun the cops. When they finally catch him he not only...

Monty Python In LegoVision Play Video

Monty Python In LegoVision

113 months ago 115,162 1,469,774

Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail Camelot song reproduced with Legos...

The Boy Can Dance Play Video

The Boy Can Dance

113 months ago 519,601 2

This kid is pretty cool. He is 5 years old and has mastered one of those d...

I Know My Rules Play Video

I Know My Rules

113 months ago 292,556 3

Some dude is drunk and inside a cafe naked. The cops come to arrest him an...

Rally Car Wipeout Play Video

Rally Car Wipeout

113 months ago 457,064 821,804

A rally car comes flying around a corner but overturns just a bit as he tri...

Wipeout off Bridge Play Video

Wipeout off Bridge

113 months ago 205,405 107,673

Two kids try to jump off a bridge and into a river. Just as the one kid ju...

Drunk Driver Gets Arressted Play Video

Drunk Driver Gets Arressted

113 months ago 203,802 1,894,318

This is hilarious. A dude gets picked up for drunk driving. He is strugli...

Bee Sting or Busted Foot Play Video

Bee Sting or Busted Foot

113 months ago 224,344 681,406

This guy is running from a bee while on top of a deck. He finally jumps of...

Dragged By Car Skate Jump Play Video

Dragged By Car Skate Jump

113 months ago 335,455 1,273,940

A truly gutsy stunt involving a skater being pulled by a moving car and a v...

Diet Coke And Mentos Play Video

Diet Coke And Mentos

113 months ago 309,744 6

Diet Coke and Mentos: An awesome show put on using Diet Coke and Mentos. Th...

American Idol Spoof Play Video

American Idol Spoof

113 months ago 245,349 1,534,256

This guys is hilarious. He does a spoof of American Idol and nails each ch...

Hulk Sell Cars! Play Video

Hulk Sell Cars!

113 months ago 119,509 350,871

Hulk Sell Cars! Dont make Hulk mad! Buy new car from Hulk this weekend or H...

Custom Gun To Hunt Deer Play Video

Custom Gun To Hunt Deer

113 months ago 300,416 3

These guys build a large gun to help their odds out a bit when they go deer...

Three Women Beat Up Some Dude Play Video

Three Women Beat Up Some Dude

113 months ago 438,075 390,341

This is funny. This drunk dude decided to make fun of the first lady in th...

PC Vs Mac Spoof 2 Play Video

PC Vs Mac Spoof 2

113 months ago 144,783 289,714

Part two of the PC Vs Mac commercial spoofs. And speaking of computer issue...

Old School Bam Margera Footage Play Video

Old School Bam Margera Footage

113 months ago 117,558 109,805

Heres some old school pre Jackass footage of Bam Margera eating it hard on ...


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