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Now Thats A Gun Play Video

Now Thats A Gun

103 months ago 693,005 2

I guess accuracy isnt really that important when you got this for a gun.

Student Slams Head On Desk Play Video

Student Slams Head On Desk

103 months ago 345,127 598,094

Some kid tries to jump from a desk to the top of another desk but if you wa...

60 Foot Backyard Slide Play Video

60 Foot Backyard Slide

103 months ago 991,399 9

While these kids parents were out of town they built a 60 foot long watersl...

Funniest Best Man Speech Ever Play Video

Funniest Best Man Speech Ever

103 months ago 1,117,932 12

Anyone whos ever been to a wedding knows that Best Man speeches during the ...

High Speed Cocoa Antiquing Play Video

High Speed Cocoa Antiquing

103 months ago 635,797 412,343

These guys build a high powered air gun and stuff it full of cocoa powder. ...

Skater Crunches Crotch Play Video

Skater Crunches Crotch

103 months ago 141,714 1

Skateboarder attempts to ride rail after jumping from picnic table. Failing...

Skater Busts Arm And Cries Play Video

Skater Busts Arm And Cries

103 months ago 246,509 4

Another skater wiping out after trying to pull a rail stunt. I wonder how ...

Beat Box Man Boobs Play Video

Beat Box Man Boobs

103 months ago 237,495 575,297

This guy does a short little beat box and bounces his man boobs to the musi...

Kid Hit In Head With Baseball Play Video

Kid Hit In Head With Baseball

103 months ago 492,590 307,364

A pitcher tosses a fastball then nearly looses his head as the batter crush...

Beach Boogie Faceplant Play Video

Beach Boogie Faceplant

103 months ago 407,716 1,753,618

For some people they are just naturally good at water sports like surfing a...

Awesome Goal Kick Play Video

Awesome Goal Kick

103 months ago 508,211 3

Quite possibly the greatest goal kick in the history of indoor soccer and p...

Passed Out Girls Prank Play Video

Passed Out Girls Prank

103 months ago 653,583 1

Passed Out Girls provide ample opportunity for video pranks. This poor girl...

Drunk Girl Head Shave Play Video

Drunk Girl Head Shave

103 months ago 691,896 1,545,151

Ok Im pretty sure weve posted this before but its such a classic, and the v...

93 Head Spins For Break Play Video

93 Head Spins For Break

103 months ago 324,017 2

This guy is absolutely incredible at doing head spins, in order count along...

What I Think of TV News Play Video

What I Think of TV News

103 months ago 427,641 14,432,229

A local news team confronts a man who is accused of assaulting his 79 year ...

NAACP Spokesman Has Big Ego Play Video

NAACP Spokesman Has Big Ego

103 months ago 276,745 1

R.L. White from the NAACP in Atlanta explains how many people just love my ...

Hot Chick Wipes Out On Boat Play Video

Hot Chick Wipes Out On Boat

103 months ago 2,044,961 1

Although, that looks like a can of Coke in her hand I think its a safe bet ...

Break Gallery CLI Play Video

Break Gallery CLI

Break Gallery #151! Here we go again people, another wild bunch of cool, un...

Skateboard Nut Split Play Video

Skateboard Nut Split

103 months ago 245,905 2,573,643

This kid named Dennis attempts to ollie a four set but his board turns and ...


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