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Russians Blow Up Scooter Play Video

Russians Blow Up Scooter

80 months ago 73,492

I think once the smoke cleared, the scooter was supposed to be magically go...

Car Wash Power Hose KO Play Video

Car Wash Power Hose KO

80 months ago 184,734

Wait, so do you have to pay for the 'Revive' cycle between 'Wash' and 'Rins...

Failed Fist Bump Play Video

Failed Fist Bump

80 months ago 132,207

Hilarious reaction from Alexi Lalas when Chris Fowler completely fails at h...

The Day I Met Li'l Kim Play Video

The Day I Met Li'l Kim

First shocker: You don't have to pay by the hour to spend time with Li'l Ki...

Ninja Attack In Barn Prank Play Video

Ninja Attack In Barn Prank

80 months ago 99,950

You're the only ninja in town, you don't wear a mask, and you laugh in your...

Motorcycle Stoppie Fail Play Video

Motorcycle Stoppie Fail

80 months ago 207,657

This dude attempts his first stoppie on a new bike but loses balance and ea...


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