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Rough Way to End Your Night Play Video

Rough Way to End Your Night

91 months ago 1,515,272 10

Puking is bad enough, but falling over the trash can this badly just adds i...

How To Fail A Job Interview Play Video

How To Fail A Job Interview

91 months ago 229,949 4

This dude reminds me of a guy I had to interview a few years ago. I asked ...

Dog Steals Lit Firework Play Video

Dog Steals Lit Firework

92 months ago 256,627 1

Some dude lights a huge firework and as he backs away from it his dog decid...

Worst Snowboarding Trick Ever Play Video

Worst Snowboarding Trick Ever

92 months ago 405,241 24

Check out the first winner in our "Winter Blunderland" contest! I believe t...

It's Your Lucky Day Play Video

It's Your Lucky Day

92 months ago 296,453 4

A pedestrian in Israel is walking home from work when 75ft behind him a roc...

Kid Goes Sliding On Asphalt Play Video

Kid Goes Sliding On Asphalt

92 months ago 500,837 72

This dude wipes on his board and slides about 10 feet down the street on hi...

The Nutcracker: Break Style Play Video

The Nutcracker: Break Style

92 months ago 302,743 2

This year's New Year Resolution: not to end up as one of the guys in the ne...


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