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Parents Set Kid Up To Fail Play Video

Parents Set Kid Up To Fail

83 months ago 469,157

This mother teaches her kid how to peddle a bike but skips the turning and ...

World's Worst Demo Guy Play Video

World's Worst Demo Guy

83 months ago 340,980

Not only does this guy push the side of a building into the middle of a bus...

25 Lucky Animals Play Video

25 Lucky Animals

We've all had bad luck with women. And here's 25 examples of when Animals g...

My Desk Is 8-Bit Play Video

My Desk Is 8-Bit

This is a pretty cool short that imagines an 8-Bit video game being played ...

Big Dude Gets Knocked Out Play Video

Big Dude Gets Knocked Out

83 months ago 1,043,660

Two guys are having a disagreement when suddenly the little guy throws a qu...

Rescue Attempt Fail Play Video

Rescue Attempt Fail

83 months ago 329,038

At least both victims of this building fire survived but not with much help...


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