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Skier Gets Critical Nut Shot Play Video

Skier Gets Critical Nut Shot

82 months ago 175,199

One of our all time favorite ski clips. I love the reaction from the annou...

Failed Frisbee Catch Play Video

Failed Frisbee Catch

82 months ago 106,397

This dude not only misses the catch but lands face first in a mud puddle.

Break Gallery CCCLXXII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCLXXII

Break Gallery 372! Rogue Deloreans, Evil Lambs, Pink Photo bombs, and many ...

Pigeon Riding The Subway Play Video

Pigeon Riding The Subway

82 months ago 94,996

The passengers of this train have nicknamed this pigeon 'Henry' and claim t...

Students Experiment Fails Play Video

Students Experiment Fails

82 months ago 424,772

Dutch students test out a decibelmeter by shooting carbide in their living ...

The Juggalo News Network Play Video

The Juggalo News Network

82 months ago 98,727

A fair and balanced news network for all the Insane Clowns out there. If ha...

The Human Can Opener Play Video

The Human Can Opener

82 months ago 72,209

In less than ten seconds this dude bites enough holes in the top of his can...


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