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Video Of A Time Traveler? Play Video

Video Of A Time Traveler?

78 months ago 155,290

While watching the behind the scene footage of the 1928 Charlie Chaplain mo...

Skater Cries After Nutshot Play Video

Skater Cries After Nutshot

78 months ago 88,579

I have seen nutshots that look far more painful than this but I have never ...

  Moron Walks Into Glass Door Play Video

Moron Walks Into Glass Door

Break Classic 334,917

This dude walks full speed into a glass door then stumbles off confused as ...

Rear Window Fail Play Video

Rear Window Fail

78 months ago 201,702

This dude attempts a little ...

Halloween Jumper Prank Play Video

Halloween Jumper Prank

A couple of guys throw a dummy out a window, scaring a woman passing by. La...

Grandma Motorcycle Fail Play Video

Grandma Motorcycle Fail

78 months ago 179,489

This family teaches their 73 year old grandma how to ride a motorcycle but ...

Dog Pranks Owner Play Video

Dog Pranks Owner

78 months ago 218,307

A dog pushes the chair out of the way just as his owner is sitting down.

Say What? Play Video

Say What?

I'm surprised at how well Tampa Bay is doing this year but pretty sure Most...


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