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Karma Strikes Crazy Driver Play Video

Karma Strikes Crazy Driver

82 months ago 228,793

This dude comes speeding down the highway swerving in and out of traffic an...

20 Horrible Fake Tans Play Video

20 Horrible Fake Tans

Real tans are retarded. Fake tans are what's up. Here's 20 of the best fake...

Tanker Truck Drifting Play Video

Tanker Truck Drifting

82 months ago 222,713

An insane truck driver with a tanker full of gas takes a left turn at full ...

Antique Roadshow Record Item Play Video

Antique Roadshow Record Item

82 months ago 327,260

This chick is told her goofy looking bowls are valued at nearly a million d...

Psychic Drawing Fail Play Video

Psychic Drawing Fail

82 months ago 389,733

A chick does a psychic drawing of her guest on live TV and it looks like sh...

The Handsome Men's Club Play Video

The Handsome Men's Club

82 months ago 484,157

Jimmy Kimmel gets voted out of the Handsome Men's Club by a star-studded ca...

Chick Faceplants Off Swing Play Video

Chick Faceplants Off Swing

82 months ago 178,954

From the moment you see her complete the first loop you know their is only ...

Break Gallery CCCLXXV Play Video

Break Gallery CCCLXXV

Break Gallery 375! Mickey Mouse Soldiers, Desert Creatures, Stowaway cats, ...


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