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Paintball Chuck Norris Mural Play Video

Paintball Chuck Norris Mural

89 months ago 179,765 1

Chuck Norris has to be violently rendered with paintballs. All other method...

Break Gallery CCLXXXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXXIX

Break Gallery 289 is packed full of awesome and hilarious pics from all ove...

Nail Gun Is No Fun Play Video

Nail Gun Is No Fun

89 months ago 793,163 317

Not only does your buddy have to get a tetanus shot, you get to brag to you...

Gas Station Prank Play Video

Gas Station Prank

89 months ago 236,674 5

This clip is almost three years old now but it's been submitted quite a bit...

Who Gets This Tax Cut? Play Video

Who Gets This Tax Cut?

89 months ago 111,556 169

I like to think of myself as a pretty decent guy but on the same hand I do ...

Free Hug Prank Play Video

Free Hug Prank

89 months ago 221,667 1

This dude tries to compete with a hippie giving away free hugs by charging ...

Lookout Cat Play Video

Lookout Cat

89 months ago 167,707 61

A bunch of cats are about to raid a kitchen and once again put Felix on loo...

Kids Sing Eye of the Tiger Play Video

Kids Sing Eye of the Tiger

89 months ago 216,252 66

How does an pump-up anthem become more inspiring? Make adorable kids sing i...


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